Disease is Isolation of Self


An aspect of my work is to explore if a physical issue is being run by an emotional upset since Holistic Health resides in the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection.

If you have a chronic health condition maybe you are frustrated about why you have this going on in your body…Bad Luck? Hereditary? Karma?

What if your physical ailments are something deeper, something being run from the subconscious about an issue that needs clearing and healing?

What if a physical problem is coming forth to get your attention and show you how to heal yourself or to give you an opportunity of insight?

Let me tie all this together with a personal health story to show you an example of what my intuition is telling me about the true definition of disease.

A few years ago I received a man into my life through the strangest circumstance (always a sign of Divine intervention) and for three years went through a challenging and life-changing relationship. I was shown my lack of self-love/self-trust/self-worth and therefore the inability to receive love because I didn’t have love within me. I learned all I could about healing my heart and let that relationship go and began to practice self-care.

About a month after that relationship ended, I scheduled a routine pap test. The test results came back with Pre-Cervical Cancer. I was devastated. I was healthy. What was happening? I scaled back on wine, did more yoga and re-worked some details in my life to ponder on this issue.

I tested again 6 months later. It was worse. It had turned into severe Cervical Dysplasia and I was sent to St. John’s Cancer Center. I’m in the Holistic Health field; people like me don’t go to Cancer Centers. We know how to heal; I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me.

Fear had gripped my life so tightly that I could not sleep. I was numb. Why was this showing up in my life?

I got serious and started Ozone Insufflations internally, Colonics, Naturopathic remedies, Suppositories, herbs, homeopathic, diet. I was working it from all angles.

I tested again…it was still there.

One thing became clear. Even though I had left my “learning” relationship months before with my mind understanding the matters of the heart, my womb had taken on some energy that were disrupting my body.

It’s not a coincidence that the problem was in my womb - the feminine – the mother– the core – the true self - the link to the mother lineage – I had abandoned this part of me emotionally and now it was showing up as a ‘medical issue.’

I spent time listening inside and waiting for it to answer me why my womb was needing attention. I received the answer. Cancer is all about separation. A cell goes off on it’s own and begins to grow it’s own tumor or create a cluster of cells that have left the Mother cells. This is what was happening to me. I energetically had separated this part of me and I needed to bring it back into my body and soul.

Through Shamanic Medicine work, I have been able to dive deeply into another reality to gain assistance from higher beings that have helped me bring my sweet womb back into balance. I asked the divine mother about this idea of separation and I heard a clear, “Yes, all disease is separation of self.”

Therefore, I offer up this idea to you readers to explore your health condition. Where ever you have pain, struggle, and chronic disease, there may be a greater opportunity to tune in and self heal.

If I did not have this piece in my healing journey I would not be assured that my biopsy I will have again in 3 weeks will be clear. I am healing a deeper part of my soul that was asking for attention.

I owe myself that. I promised my womb that I would never abandon her or let anyone hurt her ever again. I thanked her for being patient.

I feel great, reconnected and ready to move on from this situation and into my new life as a Wife to my soon to be Husband, and also be a loving partner to myself.

This is all Food for thought! The Universe has a way of giving me experiences for myself so that I can share it with others. If you relate, please message me and I can help you do some inner exploration. It’s my life mission to pull it all together for myself and others.

I’m now dedicating Thursdays to Soul Coaching. Book Now so we can begin the deeper healing!

Diet...There's so much more to it!

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I have explored many of the food trends that seem to flood the health scene these days. Most of my clients hyper focus on their diet instead of addressing the real issue going on in their body. They’ve been taught that limiting what they eat is the only way to treat digestive symptoms.

I’m here to tell you that your DIET is a small part of your health journey. Every client I have ever seen has “a great diet.” No one sees me that has a diet full of refined sugar or fast food – they wouldn’t invest in their time with me. My clients are savvy and eat what I consider a balanced diet, although they still have health issues.

Trying to fix your health issues with diet alone is like focusing on what type of gas you are putting in your car when your vehicle has the engine light on continuously.

You’d fix the vehicle instead of adding premium gas, right? Attending to your underlying issue will get you much further in your health pursuits instead of eating the perfect diet.

And what is the perfect diet anyway? It’s the one that is right for you and you alone. You will never find your diet in a book or the Internet. When you are in balance, the right diet just exists for you in all its perfection. Jumping on diet trends can wreck havoc on your delicate system and cause further damage to a body already under siege from the challenges of life.

Also, there are times in your life where you need to change up your diet to work with your health condition. For example, if you have a hormonal imbalance, changing to a high cruciferous, seed cycling and estrogen-reducing diet is appropriate. Or if you have an autoimmune condition (and who doesn’t these days?) reducing inflammation and strengthen your immune system should be a top priority.

I’m seeing most of my clients following a low carb, protein and fat heavy diet and my sense about this is that this is not sustainable. Protein is dehydrating and fat is clogging to the liver as well as starving your body of glucose, which is found in grains and fruits, needed for healthy function.

Food allergies are a sign that your gut is not balanced. We are omnivores – we should be able to eat and digest almost anything but if you are having histamine reactions taking out groups of food from your diet will weaken the bio-diversity of your gut making it even harder to eat “regular” food in years to come and the point is to be able to eat anything – anywhere and be totally fine.

So, take a look at your overall diet. Are you still eating the same foods you were eating for the last nine months? Consider getting a few colonics to clear out and start adding microbes to your gut to build up the strength in your gut so a piece of cheese doesn’t land you in bed for three days.

Begin to add in gentle fruits to your diet to add antioxidants and natural sugar so your body can perform at it’s best.

Want to talk it through? I do nutritional consultations discussing ideas that are appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Or sign up to do a liver cleanse that can help your liver get a break – liver function is EVERYTHING!

Love and support to you all. Hope to see you soon!

Want Glowing Skin?

skin 2.jpg

Our skin is the largest organ on the body. It shows how much sleep we get, how much water we drink, how much exercise we commit to, the stress we are under and how healthy the diet is in our lives. You can clearly see in your reflection when you are having a hard time in life and when things are just off kilter, your skin doesn’t lie!

I used to have terrible skin. It showed my deep hormonal imbalances, which displayed as small bumps on my lower cheeks and chin area and breakouts around my mouth. My skin always looked ruddy, puffy and tired. It truly reflected the life I was living at the time and I look back at those pictures and can clearly see how stressed I was in life, just by looking at the skin on my face.

It wasn’t until I got healthy in 1997, that I realized what it truly takes to obtain and keep beautiful, healthy skin – it takes internal health.

The skin on the face is used in Chinese facial diagnosing to determine where ailments are in the body. Between the eyebrows indicate liver issues, under the eyes show kidneys, cheeks are intestines, around the mouth and chin indicating hormone imbalance. Its all right there showing us what’s happening under the surface.

When I meet a potential client, I look carefully at the face. Are the eyes puffy? Is there Rosacea present? Dark circles under the eyes? Acne on the chin or jawline? There is a lot of information I can obtain just by looking at the face, it can tell a lot about overall health.

Your skin is also a direct extension of the Liver and the detoxification system. Therefore, if you have skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, wrinkles, grey tone, bumps, aging, etc., look to healing the liver and colon to clear the outer skin to give balance in the body. Waste will come out the body through skin conditions, bad breath, pimples, etc. and it is showing that the liver can not handle the toxic load and must put it into the blood to come out the skin.

Another aspect of health shown in the skin is lipid and water balance. You need fats to replicate skin tissue and pure hydration to keep the delicate tissue fed.

Ultra hydration comes from ingesting foods with high water content- tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, etc. Many of us are not eating these foods enough to get the cellular hydration we need to support the stressful lives we are living. The most efficient way to hydrate is Colon Hydrotherapy. Absorbing clean, filtered water into the colon that absorbs into the tissue and then flushes through the kidneys.

When the cells are happy and your organs fed with rich blood, your shell- your skin-will not have to work to detoxify, but will show the luminous light and life underneath through beautiful skin.

So, clean eating, minerals, chlorophyll, nutrients and water help heal the delicate tissue of skin. This is the fountain of youth – true health being shown outwardly.

As I get older and am now aware of my skin health, I am paying attention to my skin and doing my best to keep hydrated through colonics and clearing the liver as much as I can to keep those compliments of my radiant skin coming as long as I can!

Schedule your next colonic here. Looking forward to seeing you!

The Importance of Colon Hydrotherapy

I’m not saying colonics are fun. Maybe some even dread the process, but, what other modality can give you the ability to truly change the interior terrain of the body and move it into a place of healing and health so quickly?

You could meditate, eat well and exercise consistently and not get the health benefits that clearing the Colon and Liver can give you. Period.

This modality was established by the Egyptians in 1500BC. Water irrigation was used to clear out waste and stimulate the immune system located in the large intestine. I have seen several health conditions go into remission using Colon Hydrotherapy alone. The reason is obvious; clearing out the Liver/Gallbladder is paramount to our health. Absorbing water through the intestine is hydrating and assists the cells and lymph system to act more efficiently.

What this means is the skin and eyes get clearer. (Skin is an extension of the liver and the eyes are lymph glands). Your hormones balance and help rid the body of toxic xenoestrogens from the liver through the colon, you loose the bloat from the undigested material in the folds of the colon. You assist the body in creating the garden to plant good bacteria to support your microbiome. It moves your body into Para-Sympathetic (healing mode) and helps everything just work better.

Colon Hydrotherapy provides:

  • Hydration

  • Boost Immune system

  • Clearing the liver/Gallbladder

  • Drains Lymph Fluid

  • Excretes waste

  • Rids the Bloat

  • Strengthens the muscle of the colon

  • Relaxes the body in Para-sympathetic mode

  • Balances hormones

  • Calms inflammation

  • Balances gut microbes

  • Brightens skin and eyes

  • Helps with weight management

  • Therefore, what ever you have as your health challenge, it can be helped by a gentle detox to find balance and health.

It’s a good time to do your Spring Liver Flush to make sure you are going into the summer with a strong immune system and hydration to support all that fun you are going to be having out there in the world!

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?


Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into a crowded room? Do confrontations with others wreck your nervous system? Would you rather stay at home and recharge instead of going out all night? Does your stomach hurt when you are in situations that make you nervous? Do you sleep lightly with a non-stop, racing mind?

You may be an HSP – a Highly Sensitive Person. A phrased coined by Dr. Elaine Aron, A psychotherapist who understood that there are a unique sect of people in the population that feels overwhelm, nervousness and emotions more deeply than the average person. An interesting aspect of a HSP is the dysfunctional relationship to the self. This type of person can feel an immense responsibility to be perfect or be hyper critical to self, which can impact self-worth and self- acceptance. 

This culture does not encourage or inspire a HSP to be fully actualized. It is looked down upon to be “too Sensitive,” too emotional” and “empathic.” We hold the value of “stiff upper lip” and “resilience” to be qualities of strength and fortitude.

As a HSP myself, I have been told my whole life that I was “too emotional.” This seemed to be a deal breaker to most of the men I dated. So I tried to be “normal” and suppress my overwhelming emotions, which of course would backfire after a period of time.

I always felt different. I had eyes that others did not. Was it “weird” that I could read other people’s energy and know all about them just by their body language and feeling their presence? Was it strange that I never took people at their word, preferring to sense if they were emotionally safe for me? Was it odd that I could be omnipotent in any social situation and sense deep sadness in people I had never met? Being a person with these abilities has been both powerful and exhausting.

This ability can make life have deep meaning but the pitfalls of being an HSP are many and it takes a great deal of introspection, self-trust and self-love to fully accept our true nature as highly feeling oriented beings.

Chronic issues of an HSP can include:

  • Upset stomach - from the gut being in the state of Flight or Flight continuously.

  • IBS – the nerves of the gut – the Enteric Nervous System -is on hyper drive which can either hold (constipation) or spasm the colon.

  • Indigestion – because the nerves are creating stress hormones, the body cannot fully digest and issues of GERD, or severe bloating and gas can occur often.

  • Hormonal imbalances – Cortisol and Adrenaline causes spikes of Estrogen, which can lead to weight gain and adrenal fatigue.

  • Sleep issues – because the body cannot relax fully, it can be difficult for the body to move into Alpha/Delta/Theta sleep for repair.

  • Emotional Disconnect – feeling overwhelmed and self critical can lead to self-hate and challenging relationships

  • Addiction – using substances or actions to numb the self to all the emotions can be a way to numb from the pain and intensity of life.

We are unique and special people as empaths and feelers. We are needed to use our emotions of compassion, insight and empathy to help others including to ourselves for a deeper connection to our higher self.

If this resonates with you, understand that this is a unique quality that cannot be changed. This is who you are and should be honored and developed into a strength and skill.

Remember that you will need help physically as the gut takes the majority of the internal stress and you will have physical imbalances with your sensitivities. It just comes with personality.

As someone who has these abilities of insight and great depth, I can help you navigate a way to fold into your softness and still shield yourself from energy vampires. I’m here to help either your gut through Colon Hydrotherapy which moves the gut into a Para-Sympathetic response or seeing me for Soul Coaching in which we move the energy into acceptance and protection.

I now use my abilities to hold the space for others and am in service to all of our healing here in human form – HSP is a gift and can be developed into a beautiful appreciation to be alive.

Book a service here. Looking forward to seeing you soon little unicorns!

A Quick Look at Hormones as We Move Into Spring


Now that Spring is officially here, your body will naturally shift into cleansing mode. Cool, right? The body knows just what to do to clean the Liver/Gallbladder, Lymph System and the bowels. You’ll start to notice that you will not want Winter foods like Squash, potatoes, dense meats and heavy fats. You will start purchasing bitter greens, citrus fruits, berries and light greens. It’s a time to refresh and renew. This time allows the body to let go of inflammation, bloat and weight from dark, cold days behind us.

How are our hormones affected by the change of seasons? It gets interesting at this time of year, especially for women. The change that occurs in the spring is directly related to the health of our hormone balance. If everything is in check and working correctly, your bleeding every month without PMS or painful cramping.

If you tend to cramp a lot during your period, your body may be desperately trying to get rid of high estrogen through the uterine blood. Normally, Estrogen is released through the Liver in the form of Bile and excreted by the Colon. This is precisely why Colon Hydrotherapy helps with Hormone balance. If the Liver Bile ducts are not excreting and balancing hormones, there will be a back up in the blood and you may experience extreme hormonal symptoms pointing to issues stemming from the Liver. If you are constipated – the Bile is not flowing from the Liver and this is the root cause of all potential disease. You must be empting your bowels everyday so that the body is detoxifying naturally to have health in the body.

I often see hormone issues in the form of PMS, infertility, heavy periods, irregular periods, IUD/Pill issues, not menstruating or lack of connection with our cycle. These issues must be addressed through detoxification. Only through this process can the body open the channels to flow hormonal waste from the cells, blood and tissue to be released. The body is a machine and must detoxification is from internal waste as opposed to what we are eating.

Also, we must understand how our hormones become imbalanced.

Continual or acute stress will surge the rise of estrogen and may cause the body to stop bleeding or create uncomfortable symptoms. I am seeing a significant rise in young women. I believe these young women have such stressful jobs that the cortisol is disrupting their cycle. We must be in rhythm to be healthy.

If are out of hormonal balance ladies, consider doing 3 colonics to purge the Liver of backed up Estrogen and get you feeling no systems when your monthly cycle comes around. I get so excited to see changes in my female clients when they dedicate some time to heal their cycle. We must have the endocrine system in balance in order to be healthy. I’m obsessed and always us women to feel as good as we can and it starts with those cute hormones in us!

Ready to heal your cycle? Buy a 3 pack of colonics and save $30! Book now!

5 Top Tips for Digestive Health

digestive health.jpg

Hi fellow Angelinos! Now that we’ve gotten past all this dreary rain- let’s get things back on track!

I’ve been busy finishing up my “At-Home-Detox” and will roll it out soon, so get ready to cleanse in the Spring!

Did you know that this past February is the first month in in history that it has not been above 70 degrees in this month since weather reporting? Therefore, detoxing has not been on my mind as much as it has in the past. It’s been cold!

It’s times like this that consistency in your health is important. Relaxing, being inward, exercising, meditation, connections, dinners at home as well as a consistent healthy diet will benefit you in the future and when you’re ready to do a cleanse it won’t be such a jarring experience.

If you’ve gained a little weight this winter – don’t worry! The spring will bring you ways to clean the Liver naturally and get you releasing anything you’ve gained. Hang in there until the warmer days when the body doesn’t hold on as much.

Remember that the definition of “detoxification” is opening the pathways of the body to eliminate. Breathing, sweating, urinating, and defecation are natural ways the body continues to release waste. Adding in mega amounts of nutrients and expediting the detoxification process with external modalities (saunas, colonics, breath work, massage, etc.) is the true way to heal from any condition. Food restriction and a low calorie diet is an old way of thinking of detoxification of the body. We know more that we did when I got healthy over 20 years ago.

Here’s a quick guide to my 5 top tips for Digestive Health. It’s about progress, not perfection and knowledge is the key.

Hope to see you all soon as we move into spring weather – yay!

5 Top Tips for Digestive Health

  1. Chew your food well. Often we are eating a random times and in a hurry. Your system is run by hormones and is sensitive to changes in our circadian rhythm of the body. We need to eat and sleep at consistent times during the day. . When eating, take breaths to lessen the stress hormones. Chewing allows enzymes in the mouth to begin to break down macronutrients to restrict bloating and help absorb nutrients.

  2. Look for signs of mal-absorption. Imbalances in the body will reveal themselves to tell you what’s going on…rashes, bloating, constipation, irritability, fatigue, PMS, cravings, etc. These are all signs of something deeper happening. You may have underlying issues that are driving your symptoms that need to be addressed. Work with a holistic health practitioner to help you reveal your core issues.

  3. Eating seasonally and locally. If you haven’t been to your local Farmer’s Market recently, now is the time to go. See what is in season and watch how it changes through the year. This brings you in touch with the balance of nature and helpful in your overall diet choices. Try some local honey to bring in the flora from your area to help with seasonal allergies.

  4. Hydration. Drink 4oz of water at a time for better absorption. Drink structured water and eat cold pressed oils to keep the body hydrated and supple. Tap water contains fluoride, which calcifies glands in the body. If you’re feeling dry, eat foods that contain water – tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. and the body will use the precious water to help flush the cells of the body.

  5. Detoxification. Liver cleanses, sweating, deep breathing, dry brushing, colonics and good thoughts help the body function optimally and leave you the energy to live a full and beautiful life.

Probiotics are a wonderful addition to attain good health! It may be absorbed in the form of a supplement, kefir, kombucha, cultered veggies, etc.

But, here’s the thing - many people are compromised in the gut and therefore have a hard time colonizing Probiotics because of Leaky Gut, SIBO or anything affecting the gut lining.

I learned of a new kind of SPORE BIOTIC that is the first FDA approved spore technology to deliver cultures in SPORES! They are indicated specifically for anyone with an AUTOIMMUNE ISSUE.

I’ve been using them for a year along with my 200 Billion probiotics and find I have less bloating and more balance in my gut.

I now sell them at my office and recommend you try them if you feel you need support for your immune system.


The No-Cleanse January!


Have you been inundated with all the social media pushing a cleanse and detox in January? It can be frustrating to get through the holidays, get thrown back into work and then try to get your food plan back on track all at the same time.

Detoxing should be a gentle and healing process. Eating yin, cold and restrictive foods are not in congruency with the needs of the winter months. So, let’s rethink this extreme cleansing idea!

We are in the season of Winter, traditionally a time to eat preserved food, enjoy warming spices, going to bed early and staying warm inside our homes. Energetically, it’s also a time to go inward and explore your inner world.

The old mentality of a strict juice cleanse is a challenging choice given that the natural body clock is in a dry and inward state.

Most of my clients think that January is my busiest month, but actually it’s February, when we can all begin to breathe again and refocus our attention onto feeling better. Everyone I’m seeing this month is just trying to clean up the gut damage from traveling, schedule changes and foods that aren’t optimal. We are all in the same boat!

Hang in there. This month, focus on getting your schedule set with sleep and exercise while having balancing, wholesome and warming foods. Trust that you can do a cleanse in the months ahead when you have regained the energy you need to come up with a healing game plan.

Instead of restricting your food, it may be more beneficial to take this time to be quiet and ask some internal questions of what you’d like this next year to be like for you. Maybe you would like to complete a project (Hello closet!) take a class or focus on dating in the New Year. Discover what your heart is yearning for by checking in. One way to do this is by left-handed writing.

Write questions about your hopes and dreams with your dominant hand and give enough space between questions to answer later. After writing your questions, go into a meditation. Gentle music can be helpful to take you to a light-hearted space in your mind. When you’re feeling deeply connected, write the answers to your questions with your non-dominant hand without thinking. Let your hand just freely flow, without a goal. Stay in that meditative state and just breathe in the present moment.

Later, when you’re ready, read the answers to your questions. You will be amazed at your level of truth. Sometimes the answers are about the need to leave a job or relationship, putting more play in your life or letting go of a habit. Explore and take yourself on a mental adventure. You owe it to yourself!

So, while January isn’t the best time to cleanse since jumping into a strict eating plan can be stressful, take this time to relax and unwind from the holidays and be patient about your food choices.

When February comes, you’ll be more than ready to focus on a whole food cleanse, an elimination diet or a new meal plan. Let your body dictate when it’s ready and let’s all get through these cold nights taking care of ourselves. You can trust that in the Spring, the Gallbladder will start it’s cleansing process and letting go of any weight added during the cooler months. Cause that’s how it works – in perfect harmony with Mother Nature.

If you're looking to clear out the holidays in January, it's critical to get that hydration! Come see me for a colonic which is one of the best ways to get hydrated. And look for my cleanse program coming to you next month when it’s more likely that you’ll be ready for a cleanse!

Hope you all had some good time off and are feeling inspired to get into Balance…I’m here to help you get there!

In the Spin of the Holidays – use ENZYMES!

Hi guys and welcome to the season of gluttony, travel, bellyaches and imbalance. While it’s also a time to celebrate with friends and family, it can really spin those of us who are sensitive feelers and healthy eaters.

So, what to do if you find yourself at a holiday party or at your family’s home that doesn’t have what you normally eat? Here’s a game plan to make the most of the holidays and survive those meals that would normally take you down and out.

First, whenever going to a party and you’re not sure of the food situation, consider eating before you go out so that you don’t nervously eat foods that will wreck your belly and will leave you in a food hangover. If you are obtaining from alcohol, you may want to bring your own bottled beverage in your purse (juice, health tonic, kombucha, etc.) that you can enjoy. After you arrive, pour your beverage in a wine glass. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than if you tell them you’re not drinking. So, let’s accommodate them and take care of ourselves at the same time. You can even bring some snacks to have to munch on that you know are safe for you. Again, be discrete and don’t make it a big deal. It can get hairy if you’re pulled into a whole conversation about your eating habits.

Now, Family can be a bit more challenging. You may be staying in a family member’s home and they eat completely different than you do. While I’ve discovered that asking to send groceries to their home the day before arriving is helpful, inevitably, you’ll be somewhere that you must eat what is served.

Here are some suggestions when you find yourself in that position…

  • Make sure you travel with some key supplements that will get you through these crazy holiday meals without suffering.

  • 2. Take HCL with any meal that has protein in it. Hydrochloric Acid capsules supplement the acid in the stomach where protein is broken down. During stressful times (AKA family dinners) the body will produce less HCL and the protein will not be fully metabolized and you’ll feel heavy and extended.

  • Do not drink water with your meal as it dilutes the HCL and makes digesting protein harder on the body. Drink sips 20 mins before or after meals.

  • TAKE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES! These are key – even in your normal day-to-day eating habits. These can be game changers if you get bloated/acid reflux/indigestion or gas after a meal. Broad-Spectrum Pancreatic Enzymes are key to unlocking nutrients in food in the small intestine. I sell ULTRA enzymes, which take food basically down to a liquid and go through your system easily and gently. I took almost an entire bottle over Thanksgiving. You can buy them here.

digest smar.jpg
  • Another consideration is food combining. While I’m not always great with this myself. I do know to allow quite a bit of time between a main meal with heavy protein and a sugar-laden dessert. In a perfect world, we would eat dessert first because sweets go through the system much faster than more dense protein and starches.

  • Lastly, if you’re overly full and bloated, taking a capsule of activated charcoal will absorb the gas and then at least let you breathe while you finish digesting.

  • If all else fails, invite a love one to rub your little belly right to left in a circle to soothe the intestines while you lay on the couch.

So, there you have it, key supplements to have while you’re traveling.

Good luck out there guys! I’ll be right there with you doing my best going into the New Year feeling great. Want to book a colonic to feel great for your pre and post-holiday festivities? Book now!

Parasites and Your Health

parasite image.jpg

20 years ago when I started in this field, I only knew the word parasites connected with gut issues arising from travelers to foreign lands. Holistically, there were other gut issues that were more important like, IBS, Constipation or Candida at that time.

Now, it’s a conversation I have every day with at least one client. We are at a level of gdysbiosis that is at critical mass. I am being referred to from Holistic/Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctors to assist their patients with lab affirmed parasitic infections almost daily.

The word Parasite comes from the Greek word, “Para” meaning beside and “Sites” meaning food. It is defined as “an animal or plant that lives on or in another organism from which it obtains nourishment.” We can get them through food, water, vectors, sexual contact, nose or the skin. Of course the most prominent way to get an invader is through international travel where our gut bacteria cannot process foreign microbes and we begin to have symptoms of infestation, which can include: constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating IBS, joint and muscle aches, anemia, acne, allergies, skin issues, granulomas, nervousness, sleep disturbances, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction.

Whew, that’s a lot of symptoms. In all reality, parasitic infection should be considered if you have no other reason to have these health issues or symptoms. My practice is now full of clients with these issues and instructed by their doctors to do a parasite cleanse.

So, what’s happening to us?

In our usual, healthy state, we have high Hydrochloric Acid in the stomach, high enzymes in the small intestines and lots of good bacteria in the large intestine keeping everything in check and critters at bay. In the reality of our times, we have low stomach acid because we are eating quickly and sporadically, low enzymes from processed foods and little to no good bacteria in the large intestine because of the lack of replenishing microbes and stress that lowers the immune system function.

Here’s my perspective about what is happening to our guts…

Because I see beautiful, conscious and healthy people, eating well, exercising and taking care of themselves, I must assume that it’s what we are eating that is making us vulnerable to parasites. A diagnosis of Parasites is often is paired with other issues such as SIBO or Leaky Gut which leaves us open to outside microbes.

Could the fact that we are eating GMO foods (unknowingly because there are no labeling laws) and chemicals like Glysophate (known to disrupt normal gut function) that is standard in this Country be disrupting our overall health?

My belief is that we, as a Nation, have low-grade inflammation in the gut, impaired microbe population, gut infections, and permeability, making our intestines available to parasites.

What to do if you suspect you may have parasites…

  • Get tested with your doctor or order a stool test online

  • Start a parasite cleanse that includes wormwood, black walnut hull, clove, etc. (I’ve been doing my Parasite Cleanse for years and think it is excellent. Here is the product I use. Scroll down to the product section..)

  • Eat a clove of garlic everyday as well as raw pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds (swallow whole with water)

  • Stop taking probiotics and eat an alkaline diet

A herbal Parasite cleanse will have the person on herbs for 15 days and then break for 5 and finish with another round of 15 days. Try and get your colonic during the 5 days off (when eggs are hatching) and then another at the end. Watch for changes in your stool as you may see dramatic material passed from the herbs.

I cannot diagnose or determine if you have parasites. Most species are microscopic but can still do damage if left to proliferate. So, if you suspect that something is “off” get it checked out and get on a cleanse sooner than later.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m fascinated about this subject and have an amazing Parasite cleanse that is gentle, yet effective.

If you will be traveling over the holidays, take a supplement of HCL when eating suspicious foods – it will help destroy anything in the stomach before it gets deeper in the body.

Blessings! Hope to see you soon.

Interested in booking a colonic now? Schedule here.

Now is the Best Time to Cleanse!


Happy Fall!

Can you feel the shift in the weather? What you are drawn to eating? Are you seeing the new kinds of foods available at the markets? Have you been getting to bed earlier with the shorter days?

I can feel it too. I’m from the East Coast, so my body naturally gets on board with shifts in the seasons. Yet even here in SoCal, I can feel the subtle shifts in my body when Fall arrives. I start to crave potatoes, soups and heavier foods. I want to tuck in more at home. I’m drinking more tea at night. This is all part of our natural circadian biology. We change with the Seasons…mental temperament, physically and emotionally. When we are clean and in balance with our health, our bodies shift with the tides of Mother Nature easily.

One goal in our health should be to try and eat seasonally and locally. If you can get out to a local Farmer’s Market, you will see a bounty of squashes, grains and hearty vegetables now for the Fall. Eating foods from this local region will put you in balance because it’s what your body needs at this time of year in this area. The crops available now will give us more calories for the Winter ahead and a sense of feeling grounded – as in – “from the ground.” (Onions, leeks, potatoes, etc.). We will emotionally turn a bit inward and slow down this time of year before the short days of winter.

You may want to put your strict ideology of your diet away for a month or two before Winter and just eat what is available at your local Farmer’s Market without eating produce from the store that has been shipped from overseas in regions with opposite seasons.

Better yet, consider this for one year: sense what your body desires in this season. After this winter when you’ve had all the sweet potatoes, soups, beans and winter greens you can handle, you will start to crave bitter greens and astringent flavors that strip the liver of any buildup over the winter and prepare the body to let go of weight in the spring. In the summer, you’ll desire high water foods, light salads and fruits for the warm days.

Beyond feeling less stressed about what to eat during the year, you will feel led and nourished. You’ll trust that your body has what it needs at the right time of the year. Ladies, you’ll get your period regularly, you’ll lose weight, you’ll sleep better and your hunger will diminish as you slow things down and pay attention to what your body is asking for. It’s a whole new world in this space of knowing.

At this perfect time, now, in the first days of Fall, I invite you to think about a little cleanse. It can be a colonic, a food cleanse, cleaning your pantry, a news detox, cleaning your closet, adding bone broth or green juices to your diet, a liver cleanse or even a parasite cleanse. Anything that will attune you back into yourself and prepare you for your year ahead.

Personally, I just finished a 9-day cleanse, which was 2 days of raw, uncooked foods (sprouts, seed blends, veggies, etc.). 4 days of green veggie juice, 2 days of live foods and raw soup on the last day to transition. This 9 days was at the end of a month of clean eating.

I started my cleanse grumpy, not sleeping well and bloated. Cleansing is not the easiest thing – you’re changing your physical body. Yet, bringing in live, high enzymatic, and high water foods helps me lift the veil of this reality and allows me to connect with my higher self who is wise, unafraid and lives in a state of gratitude.

It’s a process to get to this mental place and by day 4 of my juice cleanse, I woke up having cried in my sleep as I let my ever thinking mind relax and allowed myself to dwell in my heart. Letting go of the guard I keep up consistently. In the softening of vulnerability I could see the perfection even in the problems of my life and shift from feeling sad about some issues at hand and move into a place of acceptance.

I can truly say two weeks later, that I am still living from that beautiful cleansed state of mind. I know we all don’t have the chance to step out of our lives to drink juices for a week, but doing something for your body that helps it in some way transition into this new season ahead will benefit you greatly. I have adopted a new habit of listening to gratitude meditations and have found my heart is more open to others when I get to work. It’s like recharging the batteries!

The upcoming Fall and Winter will bring A LOT to you in food, family and fun but if you take a bit of time during the transitions of the season, you wont be feeling depleted by January 1st – the dead of Winter and the worst time to put your body through a detox. The best time to cleanse after Winter will be in the Spring.

I like and sell an amazingly effective Liver and Parasite Cleanse (consider if you have pets or kids) that are gentle, yet help shift the body into health. I am doing the Parasite cleanse at the moment and it’s so interesting what I’m noticing. You can find the cleanse on my website shop here. Just scroll down to ParaGone Parasite Kit, click on the title and it’ll be added to your cart.

ParaGone by Renew Life

At the very least, get a colonic every change of season. This is a must. I advocate a Colonic every month for sure, but 1 every 3 months is mandatory to help release the liver, hydrate and help the body transition with the season. The Native American Indians taught us that about cleansing and I have followed this path for 21 years now because I never want to go back to feeling so disconnected and discouraged about my health ever again. I want sustained, natural energy, mental clarity and good judgment, to be open hearted and to know myself and my body in this lifetime.

We all just have to take the time to maintain and support ourselves in the best way we know how to do!

Blessings to you all! I hope to see you soon before the days get longer.

I’ll help you get ready for the months ahead and get you back on track.


Start by scheduling a Fall Colonic!

Weight..here’s the deal…

banana image.jpg

Weight – Here’s the truth…

If you’re worried about your weight, you are NOT living your hopes and dreams. Your energy is being leached out by the internal message: “I’m not enough,” “There’s something wrong with me,” or “How do I fix myself.” If you are carrying extra weight on your body, you may be also sending yourself negative internal messages almost constantly that’s keeping you trapped and away from more important health issues.

Weight is a byproduct of imbalance in your body. It’s that simple. It’s not what you eat or how much you exercise. It is a deeper issue in your health that is keeping you from losing that stubborn weight.  Your body is trying to protect itself and hold onto fat and give you the message for more calories.

Every day, sometimes all day, I see women who are on a diet, cleansing, doing Paleo or killing themselves at the gym. They are obsessed. When I begin to talk about how hormones can affect their weight, including adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues or how the flow of their periods can tell them about their health, I’m often met with a sigh. It seems almost easier to worry about having a kale salad instead of fixing their leaky gut. I TOTALLY GET IT. I’ve lived that way for almost 50 years. But now I know the truth about weight gain.

Ladies, if you are moderately stressed, you are in flight or fight. Even if it’s mild and consistent stress, you are in a Sympathetic (stressed) state. You will not digest properly because your body thinks it’s under attack. You will be bloated, you will be constipated, you will be unhappy. You will keep the weight.

If you are not sleeping and your body does not go into repair mode…you will not lose weight. You must allow the body to go into a PARA-SYMPATHETIC state in order to have the body cleanse all organs at night (going through the Circadian Cleansing Cycle).  This is a key component of weight loss. The body must perceive that everything is okay and that you can rest deeply.

If you are focusing on the perfection of your food intake, it’s like worrying about putting premium gas into a car with the engine light on. You must address your lifestyle and health issues if you want to lose weight. You must look at your LIFESTYLE – how you are eating, spending your time, love relationships, family, etc. and take the focus off the perfection of what you put in your mouth.

Where to start…?

There are many ways to review the cadence of your life, but where I like to start is with my morning routine. If things have gotten off track and life begins to spin wildly, I have to come back to center by looking at how I construct my days.

How you start your day is important. How do you want the beginning of your day to look like?  What if it’s having your morning beverage and sitting on the couch or in bed and listening to positive affirmations on You Tube or listening to meditation music, calming your body before things take off.

Eat whatever makes you feel good. Protein, carbs…it doesn’t matter. If you’re putting it into a calm body, it will digest just fine. Before leaving your house, maybe writing in a journal for 10 minutes about your thoughts or prayers. Put them on paper or in your computer and take some deep breaths to bring your cortisol down. Take a different route to work to keep your brain interested and maybe have a small ritual when you get to work. I say a prayer and ask for guidance and put essential oils on my heart. Because I have a tendency to have anxiety and worry, consistency in a daily routine keeps my nervous system calm and I’m not rushing into my day. Try your version of a new, calmer morning routine for a week and I guarantee, you’ll be less bloated and less stressed by the weekend.

Also, look at the end of your day rituals before going to bed, like asking for guidance in your dreams from the universe, prayer, letting go and taking some deep breaths. Anything to tell the body that you’re in charge and that stress will not win.

Other considerations when it comes to releasing weight:

Get sunshine. Vitamin D is important to your immune function and we cannot be well without it in our body. So, leave your office with its fake lights and fake air and go outside for break. This will also start regulating your hormones so you get your period at the exact same time every month.

Eat Consistently. If you are hungry at night, you are not eating enough during the day or the body is so stressed, it’s telling you to eat calories. It’s important to get into balance so you eat the same time everyday. This is KEY to weight loss! Ground Hog Day eating!

Cleansing. You know Colonics get the gunk out so you can get back on track. Do a series of 3 every once in a while to detox the Liver. We, as a culture, now know how important this is and how unnatural we are living. Help it get what it needs. One a week for 3 weeks while you get the rest of your health in order is a healthy goal.

Napping. Rest during the day and allow the body to relax into chill mode. It’s a beautiful thing to just lie down after work at home and do nothing – even if it’s just 20 minutes!

If you’re in a period of stress in your life, do less, not more. Step back from intense exercise and focus on bringing down your nervous system. This will help you in the long run so you don’t put on more weight.

On a personal note, I have struggled with weight my whole life, as many of us women have and I’ve realized how much energy and self-love it has cost me over the years. This past year I finally got my health together and made some changes. I noticed that whenever I was on vacation, I could eat whatever I wanted – I never held back and I would lose weight every time. I understood that it wasn’t what I was eating, but how I was eating – without stress!

After fixing a few hormonal (Thyroid issues) I was having, I decided to do an experiment and eat without stress in my daily life. Now, every night, my guy and I make a lovely meal and sit together by candlelight without music or TV. After a year, I’ve maintained my ideal weight without trying, without exercising, without any conversation about carbs or protein. Just finding rhythm in my life has completely taken the thought of weight out of my life and I can’t believe how free I am of that burden and how wrong I had made myself.

So, look at your life, how are you feeling overall? Try and create more time to relax and tell the body it’s okay. If you have health issues, clear them up and make sure sunshine, love, joy and happiness are your focus and not your weight. Once you let it go, you will be free to be okay with who you are.

Health scares and the truth about healing

Leah Healing.jpg

We’ve all taken our car to the mechanic with the engine light on only to be told there are 10 other big issues that need to get fixed right away. I find going to a Western doctor can have this same experience.

I’m here to tell you the truth on how the body heals. I know this because not only have I seen it with my incredible clients – I have saved my own life. Going to the doctor and hearing bad news can send you down a rabbit hole of fear and panic. Here’s a short list of some natural remedies that will get your power back and taking control of your health, no matter what your health condition. You, first and foremost, have the power to heal.

This past month I went in for my yearly check up for my lady parts only to get a call a few days later telling me that I had abnormal cells and that a biopsy would need to be done right away. I immediately started to sweat and panic. My Grandmother had Uterine Cancer and had to undergo a complete hysterectomy. My mind went to the darkest place and I saw myself having the same fate. I went home and sat silent for several hours regretting choices I had made about partners, not taking better care of myself…you know, the whole mind game the Ego likes to play with us. It was scary and lonely with all of the weight of what was ahead of me.

After a few days of darkness, I started to feel a spark inside. Wait, I know how the body heals. I know it will never go against me, I know what it needs to heal. So, in a much more enlightened place, I’m sharing this knowledge with you and hope you can empower yourself when you get bad news about your health.  We truly hold our healing power.

What to do if you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition:
(From a Holistic Perspective)

1. Sit quietly and gather your thoughts to get on the same page with your healing path ahead. Start making a game plan and understand it’s not about “fixing” the problem, but merely moving into a space where healing can take place within the body.

2. Look at the stressors in your life. What outside forces are driving your imbalance? Working too much, a relationship, obligations, family…try and step away from anything that is pulling on your energy and move a bit slower in life to become more present.

3. Get 3 Colonics in one week. Hydration and clearing the liver will jump-start your body to go into a healing state. Familiarize yourself with coffee enemas as well that clear the liver quickly.

4. Go to bed early. The body can only heal in a restful state. Think positive thoughts before lying down and tell your body to please heal itself while you dream.

5. Start alkalizing your diet. Nothing drastic…just add chlorophyll, a green smoothie, lemon water, minerals, etc. that will help mitigate the acids in your body.

6. Oxygenate. If you can, try and use a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber each week to oxygenate your cells and kill off pathogens or bacteria. If you do not have access to this, try to get to the beach or mountains to get fresh air and negative ions from the earth.

7. Body Brush each morning to move your lymph system. You can also stretch or walk to move stagnant lymph in the A.M.

8. Look into Ozone treatments. Ozone kills bacteria on contact and is now being used through an IV or into the body directly. Glutathione IVs are also helpful for liver detoxification and are often used in conjunction with ozone treatments.

9. Self-Reiki. If you’ve ever had energy work from someone, you know we humans have power within us. Use your own hands over your healing site and tell it you love it and that you will help it heal. This can be a beautiful experience of self-love.

10. Breathe. Deep breathing tells your body to switch out of fight or flight and relax. Shallow breathing keeps the body on alert and not healing.

11. In-Far-Red Saunas. Powerful heating inside the body to move stagnant matter through the skin by sweating.

12. Look at the Korean Modality of a “V-Steam” or an “A-Steam” for internal issues, especially for women’s pelvic floor or abdomen problems.

13. Consider a fasting retreat that involves raw food/juicing/colonics. Spend time writing, doing yoga, breathing and detaching from stress.

14. Eat more LIVE foods, which contain water, enzymes and minerals to heal faster.

15. Work with a caring Naturopath, Functional Medicine Doctor or another Alternative Medicine practitioner. Instead of conventional medicine, you can use herbs, tinctures, anti-virals, essential oils and probiotics as well as many other modalities that can target your healing.

Trust that you have all you need to heal and that it’s all going to be okay and that you are strong enough to get through anything. Be your own best friend.

Addressing the issues from the Mind, Body & Spirit Perspective can help you reconnect to your self and get you present in the truth of your own healing path.

I’m here for you always and as I wait on my biopsy results, I know that whatever the outcome, I have ancient knowledge that will guide me through this. We are “Spiritual Beings having a human Experience.”

The best to you all and may you have a beautiful summer.

Healthy Travel Hacks


I’ve been traveling extensively for the past 26 years, and a lot of it has been challenging to my overall health issues of chronic constipation, general indigestion and hormone imbalance. Over these years, I’ve healed many of these problems but traveling can bring the issues back, so I’ve created a game plan that has been helpful and wanted to share them with you! Maybe you’ve had some negative health experiences on a vacation only to find yourself wrecked upon coming home. I know how you feel, but it doesn’t’ have to be that way!

The goal when traveling is to enjoy your time and mitigate the challenges that cause imbalance in the body. Why not feel awesome before, after and during your trip, which hopefully includes some down time for yourself!

Here’s the plan:
First, a few days prior to traveling start on a powerful probiotic. I use Advance Naturals Ultra Critical, 200 Billion. It’s a 14-day course of strong, full spectrum probiotics that will help your immune system fight any foreign bacteria that could make you sick while traveling. You can take this product with you while you’re away in order to strengthen those microbes in your belly. If you have an Autoimmune Condition, I sell an FDA approved, well studied, Spore Biotic, a uniquely patented spores of good bacteria for those of us that have underlying gut/immune issues. I also recommend taking a strain of yeast that is very important in the gut to fight against pathogens. It’s called Saccharomyces Boulardii and if you're going anywhere with questionable food, you definitely want to make sure you have this in your system. I test all my probiotics for effectiveness and these products can be a game changer for overall immune health.

Next, get a colonic right before traveling. The hydration alone will help with jet leg and bloating that occurs from the flight. It will also help you go into your trip clean and assist your belly to deal with the different water and food (microbes) you will experience at your destination.

If you’re going somewhere with a significant time change, consider taking a pure Melatonin that will help you get onto the correct Circadian Rhythm when you arrive. I personally take and sell a very unique product called MZS by Dr. Pierpaoli, which ships out of Italy. It’s the purest form of Melatonin with zinc and selenium for better effectiveness. It’s helpful to take this product throughout your trip if sleeping is an issue for you while traveling.

The best part of foreign travel can be all the fun and exciting food you’ll get to try! Try and remember that your gut has never had many of these foods before in your Microbiome. Managing these incoming forms of bacteria can save you from diarrhea, stomach aches or bloating.

One rule of thumb to remember is all foods have the potential for parasites and negative, foreign bacteria. Typically when traveling, your immune system is naturally low so some foods can take you down that normally wouldn’t affect you at home. Therefore, I take 2 capsules of HCL to rid any potential parasites in the stomach before they go into the intestines. I sell the best Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) by Premier Labs. It’s just that added layer of help to aid digestion, especially proteins and protect yourself.

In addition to HCL for the stomach, adding a potent, complete digestive enzyme is helpful. I carry one by Advanced Naturals called DigestMax because of its high number of enzymes to break down carbs, proteins and fats. Think less bloating after meals!

Also, DRINK THE LOCAL LIQUOR! I know, I’m advocating alcohol, but while traveling, it can help kill any potential bacteria coming into the body. I also advocate enjoying an aperativo, a digestive bitters before a meal, signaling digestion or a digestift, a bitters drink after a meal to aid in digestion. Just a suggestion. But one that makes a lot of sense. ;)

If you have strong digestion, it’s helpful to eat a myriad of foods to build the diversity in your microbiome. Last year when I went to Italy and France, I ate all the bread, pasta, cheese and wine I could and I came back feeling better than ever, because I got out of my normal food regime and let me digestion have a field day with clean, whole foods giving major diversity and microbes! I’ve felt great ever since!

Many of us are, unfortunately, afflicted with constipation while traveling. This can be because the body is off rhythm and perceives it to be in danger or stressed and the enteric nervous system in the gut slows to a crawl. It’s a bummer. For the last 20 years I’ve traveled with ColonMax, by Advance Naturals, the correct magnesium, formulated just for the Colon. It’s helped me not be grumpy and it gets me to the restroom everyday. Halleluiah!

Finally, get a colonic upon returning home. Get your system rehydrated and back on track ASAP so you can get back to work and back to your regular eating habits. I always feel better when I’m clean going into my trip and want to get back to normal quickly once I return.

I hope this helps. I know it’s a lot, but when you have tummy troubles, it detracts from your overall travel experience, so be proactive with your health.

I’m here for you always. Book a session and come in with your health struggles & stories – I love it! If you're interested in any of the supplements I mentioned, pick them up at your next session or buy them from my website. (They're at the bottom, after Services).

Happy Trails! 

Feeling Tired?


Howdy Folks! Are you feeling the need to cleanse? You’re body is producing a lot of bile from the Gallbladder right now in the Spring, so keep eating bitter greens and healthy foods to keep it all moving well.

By this point, you know my definition of health minimizes the focus on food and exercise and relies more on information of stress load, hormone balance, cravings and most importantly, SLEEP!

A couple years ago I found myself up all night at times and out of rhythm with my sleep patterns. I had been with a partner who snored loudly for over two years, and I realized I really wasn’t getting deep, REM sleep. As you know, we ONLY REPAIR WHEN WE SLEEP OR ARE IN A PARASYMPATHETIC STATE OF RELAXATION. Therefore, I wasn’t repairing my body and started to crave fats/sugars (glucose) and gaining weight because my body perceived I was in danger and it went into protection mode.

It took me several months to get back on track, but this month’s article shares with you the ways you can start sleeping and repairing your body with little effort. Remember, the body loves the same schedule everyday. If you can give your body the message of balance, it will reward you with energy and beauty.

I still do many things in my article that I suggest. A big help has been wearing my amber colored glasses at night. You may know that watching TV, a laptop or phone with the blue light on disturbs the pituitary gland and perceives daylight and the brain does not create the hormone, Melatonin to help you sleep. So now I look pretty cool at night in low lighting with my amber glasses on, drinking unsweetened cherry juice (naturally makes melatonin) and laying on my grounding mat! J

If you have sleep issues, consider doing an easy cleanse for your bowels and liver and do the suggestions in the article to get you back on track and start feeling better soon!

Time To Get Real


Happy Spring 2018!

Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies out there. Gals…it’s time to get real.

It’s time to talk about uncomfortable topics, like our bathroom habits, life’s pitfalls and our coping tactics in life. No more feeling stuck; grab a female friend and start talking about REAL STUFF!

For the last two months I’ve been attuning to my female clients and their questions about what’s “normal” in the female body. I get questions like,
“How often should I be going to the bathroom?”
"Why am I gaining weight?”
"Do my heavy periods relate to my stress?”
and many more intriguing and introspective questions. I see that we need answers and the ability to ask the questions without being shamed or given the wrong advice or opinions. I’m hearing that there are limited outlets to really get to the nifty gritty of our embarrassing questions.

My life’s purpose is driven by the desire to connect the sisterhood of women and help us feel fully actualized, healthy and validated. We live in a world dominated by the need to compete with each other and I can only sense that this drives women apart and makes us feel hopeless.

So ladies, Bring me your questions – no matter what they are – bathroom habits, weird rashes, yeast infections, periods, relationships and your insecurity. You’re safe with me. I encourage all of us ladies to listen to each other without judgment, criticism or advice. Listen from love in your heart and know that we are all doing the best we can and we could all use a little encouragement and some good old fashion venting with some real feelings behind it– raw and deep. Find someone who loves you unconditionally and start sharing. This brings us back to each other – connection and care. It’s time to drop the back and forth of conversation and just listen. You’ll be amazed how good you can make someone feel by just hearing what they need to say.

Thank you for giving me your stories over the years and letting me share mine. My dream of connecting and helping women truly fulfills and heals me and I have been blessed with some awesome soul candy ladies over these years. I know you’re one of them.

If you’re feeling a little directionless or need a boost around your diet, book an appointment for a ½ hour Nutritional Consultation to review your optimal diet. If maybe, you’d like to share in a place of deep safety and love, book an appointment for a Soul Coaching Session. Both are helpful depending on what you need.

I look forward to hearing from you and have a Happy Spring!

From Bloat to Freedom


Know what’s happening around your waistline…

While I would love to offer some inspiration on Self-Care for the month of February, I have to address one issue I see everyday in my practice, which is the constant bloating in clients that eat well, exercise and have great self-care practices. So, I decided to give you some insight about that little belly of yours. Hopefully, it can shed some light on why you may be struggling with that pooch on your mid-line. Let me know what you think!

As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I’m on the front line of health with clients
seeking alternative remedies for their overall wellness. My clients are smart, savvy,
conscious and inspiringly healthy. For the last 12 years, I’ve seen it all, but there’s one
issue that comes up as an everyday complaint from my female clients and it seems that
we need information and encouragement to deal with –our bloated bellies.

Every woman has had the experience of starting the day being ruled by the tightness of
our jeans and the bands around our waist. We will go through several outfits until we
find something comfortable and try to ignore our extended belly. The day before,
everything seemed fine, but today, different story. What is going on and how can we
manage our lower belly bloat that is keeping us miserable and in self-judgment?

It’s important to understand that being bloated is a sign of a foundational problem of
overall digestion and one that will not go away on it’s own unless it is corrected.

So, let’s dive in and talk about the gas and bloating that you may be experiencing.
Knowledge is power and getting to the bottom of what’s going on internally will help
you in your overall health.

First, determine when you are getting bloated and if it can be correlated to food,
emotions, microbial imbalances or hormonal fluctuations. There are a number of
factors that play a role in your belly expanding at any given time. In most cases, gas
occurring in the lower intestine has to do with the WAY we are eating as well as WHAT
we are eating. In an ideal world, we would eat like zoo animals; basically eat the same
thing every day, from our region of the world, specific to our DNA and at regular
intervals of the day. We would rest each night until sunlight, have a good breakfast, a
hearty lunch and a light supper. We would eat our meals with no stress and eat slowly
enough that the macronutrients would break down to be eliminated fully by the
digestive system in the early morning each day.

Obviously, in contrast to this ideal, our lifestyle today plays a factor in our overall health.
We eat at random times of the day, have an enormous amount of stress, and many
times making food choices based on convenience, the need for stimulants or emotional
triggers. That’s not going to change anytime soon so let’s do the best we can to support
our body’s health.

Ask yourself when you notice bloating discomfort in your lower belly?
After a meal: If you expand after eating, be clear about your mental state as you were
eating your meal. If you were under any kind of stress, understand that the body views
having stress as an emergency and puts your system in “fight or flight” which stops HCL
production in the stomach and pulls all blood from the digestive system to the muscles
and bones for a potential quick reaction to the stress factor. This is called a Sympathetic
nervous system response and most of us are in this state continuously through the day
which leads to sleep issues, indigestion, hormone fluctuations and general imbalances
that will show up as a larger issue at some point down the road.

The remedy: Sit down with your food, take a few deep breaths before eating to bring
down cortisol levels, try to avoid phone calls or electronics, chew your food well and
possibly try supplementing with high-grade enzymes in order to assist the pancreas if
bloating is regularly experienced after eating. Do not drink liquids with meals as it
dilutes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Eat your largest meal in the middle of the
day (11AM-2PM) when pancreas function is at it’s highest and if you can, eat simple,
uncomplicated meals in order to give a needed break to an overtaxed digestive tract.
With this simple solution, you will notice dramatic results for your overall digestion and
bloating will not be a factor after meals.

If you’re passing smelly gas- this can be food composting and creating methane
internally, as opposed to hormonal, bacterial and food allergy indigestion experienced
when the belly hardens and expands outward with out air exiting the body.

If stress is not a factor: Your bloating could indicate that the food was not properly
broken down by the mouth (Chewing releases enzymes in the mouth), the stomach
(protein does not break down in low HCL) or the small intestine (Pancreatic enzymes are
released for protein, fat and carbohydrates). Also, Liver function must be optimal for
breaking Fats into smaller molecules.

Another possibility is poor food combining. Proteins and carbohydrates break down at
different rates. The air you’re experiencing in the middle of your belly is literally the
composting of undigested food trying to make it through the delicate digestive process.
There may also be a lack of good probiotics (bacteria) that assist in the break down of
nutrients in both the small and large intestine. Lastly there could be the presence of
foreign microbes creating hydrogen from yeast, fungi or parasites that are restricting
digestive function. These can be eliminated through an herbal protocol. Work with a
Holistic Health Practitioner to determine what the correct course of action is right for you
if you determine this is a core issue. As a general rule, if you are experiencing chronic
skin conditions, consistent bloat, digestive disorders and fatigue, an underlying digestive
pathogen is possibly creating systemic issues throughout the body and need to be
addressed immediately.

If your belly is hard and extended consistently: This is an uncomfortable and
embarrassing state of the lower intestine extended constantly without relief. Believe it
or not, this is what I see in my practice the most. Holistically, cleansing the intestinal
tract and repopulating with good bacteria through high-grade probiotics, cultured foods,
kefirs, kombucha, fermented vegetables, etc. can help de-bloat a sluggish intestinal
tract. This process should be done in stages, first cleansing all the trapped gas out,
determining a course of action based on symptoms (Parasites, yeast overgrowth, stress,
etc.) and then repopulating with good microbes with a maintenance plan should be

Hormonal Bloat:
The bloating we are discussing here is not constant but fluctuates during different times
of the month, the pre-menstrual period or anytime during a hormonal surge. When this
kind of bloating is noticed, it’s because the body is swollen with fluid as more estrogen is
produced to thicken the uterine lining. Because the female cycle is based on the phases
of the moon, we can also swell during a full moon. It’s ideally the time when a woman has her menses, being in harmony with the cycle of the Solar system. Notice if the bloating fluctuates from the ovulation point of your cycle and through your menses. This is normal and will lessen as estrogen levels fall after bleeding. Constipation can also be an issue at this time because with a rise in estrogen, bile flow from the gallbladder slows, adding to the already annoying belly expansion.

Considerations for overall bloating:

  • Get Colonics to help move trapped air!
  • Reduce intake of salt, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. Drink extra water to reduce
  • fluid retention. Sweat/move daily for circulation.
  • Best Foods: Green, leafy vegetables, Watermelon, Oranges, Lemons, Aloe Vera,
  • peppermint, chamomile, ginger, Primrose oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon balm,
  • fennel, dandelion, parsley and Grapes.
  • Avoid the cruciferous vegetables, fats and red meat to reduce consistent
  • bloating.

Daily Supplementation:

  • 500ml of Magnesium, 440 ml of zinc, 25mg Vitamin B6 and 800 mg of Calcium.
  • Other Remedies:
  • 560 mg of charcoal or a ½ tsp. of fennel seeds if gas is uncomfortably extending
  • the lower abdomen on an as needed basis. Swallow whole seeds with water.
  • Direct heat on the abdomen through a heating pad or a hot water bottle.
  • Castor Oil Packs on the lower intestinal area.
  • Magnesium spray or Epsom salt bath.
  • Belly rub right to left with room temp coconut oil.

It may seem like a lot of information, but good digestion is truly simple. There’s one
tube down the body from your mouth to the anus and it needs to transform a foreign,
outside object of food to become eventually what makes up your hair, skin, eyes, teeth and every other part of the human body. Your system is unique to you and if you feel something is “off” learn the steps in correcting this for yourself. Understanding digestion is a part of our responsibility to owning this human form.

Experiment a bit with healing your belly blues. In no time, you will notice positive changes and YOU will have done it all by yourself! Time to take back your inherent wisdom and intuitively learn to heal yourself! In the meantime, I’m here for you every step of the way!

The best in health and spirit!

What’s Your Way IN?

Thailand River.jpg

About four months ago, I was stressed out. My machine at work needed major
repairs, my parents were having health issues and I was deep in the middle of a
relationship that was challenged by the frustration of distance. I needed a break. Not
just some time off, but some perspective. I could see myself spinning, which
included not sleeping, over eating and drinking way too much caffeine and wine. I
know, it’s an American clique of how to deal with our stressed out lives, but there I
was knee deep in all of my nonsense with no real coping skills in sight. I believe
everything is happening for our highest good, but stepping back to see the lesson
can be hard when you’re busy surviving life.

I needed to change up something in my life or I was going to throw myself into a
health crisis, which is how I got into Holistic Health Care in the first place; but at
times, what I know from my intellect has nothing to do with what shows up in my
real life.

One night I sat down and asked myself, “what does my soul need right now?”
Not my head, not my heart, not my body. What can I do that will change something
inside of me that gives me perspective of what’s going on in my life? And it came to
me to plan a really, really hard trip to somewhere exotic and foreign. Hiking,
camping, trekking, limited amenities, you know, roughing it. Doing something
difficult seems to have the effect on me that takes me out of my worries and into
relying on myself to get through it. Thailand would be the perfect place. It’s half way
around the world and it has everything I need to get out of my head and give me the
hardship I needed to revel in the gratitude of what I have here in my day-to- day life.
I know, why something difficult? Because once I can prove to myself I can get
through anything while traveling, my regular life becomes much more tolerable and
seemingly easy.

Travel, for me, has always been my way in to myself. I’ve been traveling mostly solo
since 1992 when my girlfriend left me in Italy and I had to make it back to London
on my own. What I learned about myself was life changing. I found I could rely on
myself to make good decisions, I could put myself out there and ask for help or a
dinner date, I could endure any sleeping condition and get myself through all the
scary parts of the countries I was traveling through. I also had the realization that I
got the opportunity to have the feelings of fear, insecurity, courage and resilience,
which I didn’t experience in everyday life. I could do this all through the challenge of
traveling. It’s truly the way I get out of my comfort zone and survive by being with
myself and learning to love who I am even when things go sideways, and they
always do!

What’s your way into yourself when life gets unbearable? How are your coping skills
and have you developed a deep relationship within your self that can help you
course correct when things go array? It might be opening up in your creativity,
exploring an interest that has been lurking in the background, writing, anything that challenges your status quo. Make sure it’s fun and brings you joy – that’s the best
part, finding your joy that brings your life to LIFE!

My perspective on good health has always been that it has nothing to do with what
we are eating or our exercise schedule. Those are things that are within our control
and only good to maintain a sense of good health. But in my years of practice, I have
seen extremely “healthy” people be in very poor health. They may eat quantities of
kale everyday, but their stress levels are through the roof, or their personal
relationships are non-existent as they put all their energy into their career.
Balance is the true measure of good health. How are all the pieces of the pie in
your life? Relationship, Family. Friends, Spirituality, Physical health, Work, etc.? Not
that there is some idealized way of living, but I have found for me, personally,
getting out of my environment and making myself uncomfortable (as in just
showing up in a country and getting around with just the basic needs) is my way to
find myself and while I know a lot about wellness, nutrition, cleansing and physical
health, it’s our mental, emotional and spiritual health that needs more attention at

So, in moving forward with this New Year ahead, find a way into yourself that brings
you joy, insight and self-regard The point in life is not to get rich, we are here to
learn what our soul needs so that we don’t have to come back to this planet and do it
all over again and again and again. Life lessons come in many different ways and
when we gain perspective and not fall victim to the story, we can clearly see what
we can learn from any given situation we are handed.
Since returning, I’m much happier and life has come into a gentle cadence. I love
what I do and how my health supports my ability to experience balance. Happy New
Year to you all. I hope this year ahead gives us exactly what we need to feel
responsible for our soul’s journey here and may joy and balance be a qualities that
find you often in 2018.

Where Does the Immune System Start? And Other insights on Health...

How it all begins… You know when people say we, as humans, came from the Sea? Well, if you think about it, it’s true…we spend 9 months in-utero living in sacred plasma, immersed in protective water, gaining nutrients directly into our intestines by our Mother. This plasma is created by the Mother’s body, therefore that “Sea” is only as nutrient-dense as the Mother’s diet is. As the Fetus grows in this milieu, it may need nutrients that it’s not getting and the fetus will automatically pull these nutrients out of storage from the Mother ‘s cells leaving Mom to feel “depleted” or “tired” during her pregnancy. This can be very prevalent when the baby’s Adrenal Glands are being formed. Also, if a Mother’s body is overly toxic while growing a fetus, the body will create “morning sickness” to rid itself of heavy metals and pollutants to be brought up in the morning. After the Liver cleanses from 10pm-2am nightly. The wisdom of the human body is remarkable!

When my twin sister was pregnant with her first child, she would tease me and tell me that she ate a whole box of Captain Crunch knowing I would be upset at the risk it put for the child (Sugar is a neurotoxin for a baby). I would yell, “You can’t grow your baby’s brain of Captain Crunch!” But this scenario is played out everyday, as many Mothers-to-be are confused on what is best for a growing fetus. In General, many people don’t know how to eat instinctually anymore or what to ingest while growing a life inside. Some of most important nutrients for a growing fetus are Essential Fatty Acids, mainly, EPA & DHA for brain development. Unfortunately, many children are getting the wrong kind of nutrition and we are now seeing in-utero babies with tumors and anomalies in their bodies because of the choices the Mother’s are making.

(See the famous study of Dr. Pottenger’s 9-year Cat study to give insight on the generational health breakdowns because of diet).

After gestation, the baby starts to give signals that they are ready to come into the World. The body begins to produce hormones to start contractions in the Uterus. This begins the surge of Oxytocin to the Brain (The Love Chemical) to quell pain and serve as a very important part of human survival. But, we have to back track for a minute and talk about the life cycle of a female. For Human Female Mammals, Estrogen is supposed to surge at about the age of 15, thus begins the menstrual process in a young woman. With Each month, a woman’s Uterus will contract to give an unfertilized egg. Now, why is this important? Because…we are supposed to feel PAIN in those contractions every month! This pain gets us ready for the pain of childbirth!

(Just to note here that I’m not ignoring the fact that there are 6 year olds getting their periods and developing full breasts at 10 or that most women in this county are on birth control or bio-identical hormones, unnaturally feeding Estrogen and Progesterone into our systems so that our whole Endocrine System is muddled and struggling for balance. Excess Estrogen is the #1 contributor to breast cancer. Many women will never know the true, natural cycle of womanhood because of all the artificial hormones, both taken orally and in our food & water supply).

Let’s get back to the delivery…

When the Uterus contracts, a woman’s innate self wants to squat down to open the pelvic floor, but instead we are made to lay on our backs (for the doctor’s sake) and also given, in most cases, an epidural which cuts off that supply of the love drug, oxytocin, to the brain. An Epidural also shuts down the ability for progesterone to help contract the Uterus. (They really set a woman up here for the end result of surgery). When Pitocin is given to harshly and unnaturally contract the uterus so hard that the baby becomes in danger, the next words a doctor will utter is “C-Section, Stat!” Well, duh, of course you need to cut because you just made the whole, beautiful process of childbirth an impossibly and taken that gift from a female’s life.

After the child is born under bright lights and loud sounds, it’s is briskly taken away, when through the process of evolution, that newborn is meant to lie on the mother’s belly to be soothed by her heartbeat until he/she is ready to breastfeed. These traumatic experiences can be felt throughout a person’s lifetime and cause deep, emotional scaring.

So, I mentioned the big deal about why the Mother needs to surge the Oxytocin Hormone and here’s why… That hormone is created to flow throughout a woman’s body in labor and when the baby is born, the mother is so “high” that she is addicted to her child, literally. Then, when the baby takes its first, nutrient-rich suckle at the breast, the Oxytocin flows into the baby and makes him/her “dependant” on Mama. See how it works? It’s set up not to fail. Both are addicted and will rely on each other for life.

Why does all of this matter? Well, for one thing, it’s too bring to light how far removed we are from nature and for all of us not to accept that Cesareans should be the standard. Cutting the gestational time from your baby is unnecessary and many doctors now will not take responsibility for a “natural birth.” Also, remember, if a doctor can get a surgery out of a patient, he can take that trip to Hawaii while you lie healing from your body being cut in half and trying to care for a newborn. It’s a shameful process.

(See the Documentary,” The Business of Being Born” by Ricki Lake for insight on this topic).

You are in 1 of 2 categories – 1, having been breast-fed and 2, not having been breast-fed. I hope you are in the first group. When we finally get to suckle on Mama’s breast, we are ready to create a whole ecosystem in order to set ourselves up for the rest of our lives to assimilate foods. Our newborn bodies are completely sterile inside and what gets added first will affect us until the day we die. This first liquid that comes from Mom is something called COLOSTRUM. This is a life giving fluid that flows through into the baby’s intestines and creates the perfect environment in order for beneficial bacterium to grow. This process needs to happen quickly so that an infant can take the breast milk and break it down into Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins (MACRO NUTRIENTS).

If you are in the second category, you didn’t go through this process and you are probably, today, still dealing with the affects of missing that important step in human development.

I know, because I wasn’t breast fed and now know that even though I was diagnosed with what they called “Colic” as a newborn, was not something that just happened but that I was having horrible reactions to a product that was never meant to pass over my lips…Cow’s Milk formula.

There are basically two sources of Formula, Cow’s Milk and Soy Milk. Both cause severe complications in the human digestive system. With both Formula types we are providing a denatured, broken down, Pasteurized, Homogenized weak source of nutrition. Cow’s breast milk is meant to build a 700-1,500lb cow, not a 7lb human. A newborn’s blood ph is 7.7, a higher alkalinity than adults, with cow’s milk testing in at an acidic 6.6, which puts a baby into an acid state right from the beginning. Remember, if the human body is acidic, it has to get minerals from the bones to buffer the acidity and lower the ph to survive. Other issues with milk include a deficiency in iron, vitamin E and essential fatty acids for infants and increases the risk of sever dehydration as the body has to work overtime excreting the excessive amounts of minerals like calcium, sodium, & potassium. Also, the high amount of protein and fat in cow’s milk are extremely difficult for infants to digest and absorb, often giving rise to gassiness, vomiting, allergic reactions, fussiness, bloating, etc. The fact that cow’s milk is pasteurized exacerbates the problem since there are no enzymes left to help break it down. Milk is highly acidic and mucus producing and sets a child up for a lifetime of autoimmune issues, both severe and mild. We often see kids with runny noses, but this truly is a constant state of allergic reaction as their little bodies produce mucus to try and drain out the toxins being fed to them. Makes sense, right?

Soy Milk, the other option for modern times should never EVER be used for human consumption. Almost all (90%) of soy is Genetically Modified and Soy is also one of the hardest plants for humans to breakdown. It is also a Phytoestrogen, meaning it mimics estrogen in the body, which can create a whole list of conditions especially for a male child. (A mother should never ingest soy while pregnant for these reasons as well).

If a child is formula raised, it never gets the variety of human milk that passes from a mother loaded with different nutrients that she is eating so that her baby can benefit from a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. If she eats broccoli, this gets broken down and passed to her baby, whereas with formula, the child’s diet never varies and most formula –fed children end up with allergies, not because they are weak but the body is struggling, trying to rid itself of the toxins obtained from their formative months.

I recently heard a doctor say to parents of a newborn who was rejecting his bottle, “It’s strange, 50% of the babies are allergic to milk formula and 50% of them are allergic to soy.” Which left the parents baffled, like, okay, now what? My question of course, is, why isn’t this stay-at-home mother breast-feeding? And, if the odds are so stacked against the two options in the marketplace of formulas, what are we doing about it and are we setting these children up for childhood problems down the road?

The last word about this is the part I am most passionate about and that is the set up for beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. I believe this is where all human ailments start – the lack of the good bacteria in our digestive tracks not allowing us to absorb nutrients. Babies are starving for vitamins and minerals but often don’t have the right internal culture to get what is needed. Very frequently, babies have a condition called Candida or thrush, which is inflammation of the internal alimentary track with no beneficial bacteria so that Candida Albicans overgrow in the gut until it becomes a big open sore throughout the body and can take years to recover from. Shame on the system for making us believe that somehow formula could be just as beneficial as breast milk, it is in fact the opposite, it is poison.

(Visit notmilk.com for further information. There are many other resources instead of cow’s milk like Breast Milk banks, where nursing mothers dry ice and send their milk to infants in need as well as raw nut milks and the second best choice after Mother’s milk, raw goat’s milk, as they have a similar protein structure to our own and is easy to digest).

So that’s how it all starts and you may want to correlate any health issues that you have now to how it all got set up in your early life.


Children’s bodies are strong and full of life force with a bank account of enzymes, which are proteins that cause all activity in the body (mechanical) and also enzymes to break down food into Micro nutrients (digestive). We are only born with a particular amount of these digestive enzymes in the Pancreas of the human body. This means that every time a child eats cooked food, he or she begins to quickly use up the bank account of enzymes and the body has to begin to pull enzymes from elsewhere and not the pancreas. Is it any wonder that childhood diabetes is the number one disease in children today? This disease is the complete breakdown and depletion of this organ. It is unequivocally lifestyle-related!

On the other hand, if a child (or adult) eats live, whole, natural, untreated, unheated foods, this will help build the bank account since all living foods hold their own enzymes. So, when a child eats a carrot, his own little body doesn’t have to give away enzymes since the carrot has plenty of enzymes to work in his body. Get it? WE NEED MORE LIVE, ORGANIC, ENZYME-RICH FOODS TO SUSTAIN LIFE! I If you know any child that has diabetes, this can be completely reversed with diet – don’t be fooled to believe a child has to suffer and take insulin – it is well documented that anyone, children and adults can be insulin free with a healthy diet in as little as 30 days.

(Check out the documentary, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days)


This very prevalent problem is a travesty in the United States (up by 600% this year). Let’s look at the real issue with this condition… First we have a Mother that may not be the healthiest of people – stressed, poor diet, candida, heavy-metals, lacking vital nutrients, taking hormones, etc., even though she may “look” like she’s in good condition, we may not know if her DNA/RNA has been disrupted in any way. While pregnant, some nutrients are just not able to be given to her child and her child is born, structurally fine but with delays and abnormities. The issue with vaccines and these children is that they almost always have a completely collapsed immune system and when you add a virus into an already struggling body, the child becomes even more shut down from the toxic overload and nutrient deficiency.

What I’ve seen in my years of observation with these children, albeit, a far, since it is not my expertise, but when these children receive a lot of good nutrition, cultured foods, removal of all dairy (which is a poison to the human body), sugar (the same chemical structure as heroin), dyes (derived from coal tar), all casein/rennet (the protein in cheese that is like glue in the small intestines) and all gluten (another gummy protein) these children response phenomenally. With supplementation, diet and time, a child’s whole immune system can be rebuilt so that they may have the lives they deserve.

In childhood, almost all diseases or strange anomalies in children can be traced back to lack of nutrients, a lack of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract or an overwhelmed immune system. You must always remember that you can change almost any condition from UN-balanced to balance in a short period of time, but it takes stepping out from the model of the SAD Diet…Standard American Diet.

He’s my beef with Western Medicine...

Doctor’s need to give results and with anxious parents breathing down their necks, they feel like they need to give a remedy quick to those parents when their children are suffering. Therefore the use of ANTIBIOTICS (meaning “anti-life”) is being given to children even when it could never help the problem. (A Virus, i.e. the common cold is an example). Even when most children are in need of building their good gut flora, which they didn’t get as a child, and need to have in order to build a healthy immune system, doctors instead treat children with anti-biotics (ANTI-Life) obliterating all good and beneficial bacteria in their system and compounding the problem. Consider a strong course of PROBIOTICS (“FOR- life”) when a child gets sick. Also, never ‘feed a cold” since the body will use it’s energy to digest instead of heal. Children need good bacteria, good water and rest to help the body build a strong, lifelong immune system. We are meant to ride out colds and flus so that we train our body to build strong T-cells- our fighting Army against foreign invaders. Remember that cutting this process short with over the counter drugs and suppressants only drives the bacteria further into the body to come back at a later date even stronger.

All of this makes sense, right? We can’t blame those that cared for us because they didn’t know. It’s not like our health teacher got up in front of class, pulled up his shirt and told us about our organs, where they are how they work all together. I have clients that come in and tell me their liver hurts as they hold their back. (The Liver is on the front, right side). I get it because I had no clue how to operate my body until I became sick and had to learn quickly.

Let me get off my rant about doctors, hospitals and the moneymaking industry that is anything but healthy in this country. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of living a clean and energetic lifestyle!

Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Dairy, Soda, Artificial Sweeteners, Sugar, Coffee and Alcohol will kill you slowly. It’s that simple. You want to shorten your life, have any of these often and lots of factory-farmed meat and you will be digging your grave with your fork. All of these are toxins and if you never cleanse and get them out, they will stay in your body till you die and are most likely the cause of how you got sick in the first place. I won’t go into EMF pollution, interior outgassing, pollution and radiation that add to the overload on your body besides what you’re ingesting. Just know that you are swimming in a soup of issues that could be adding to a health condition in your body. Personally for me, it’s my amalgam fillings- full of toxic mercury - that is wreaking havoc on my nervous system making me anxious and emotional. Therefore, I have no choice but to do all I can to help release the vapor gases from my blood by eating certain foods and doing an infrared sauna every week until I can get all of these horrible, brain-eating metal fillings out of my mouth! What’s your health issue? I bet it can be helped with your diet, and that’s where I come in. Choose your top health concern and let’s use diet and detoxification to help you have the radiant health you want!

Here’s something you can start doing right away…

WE, AS HUMANS, NEED GREENS! If you have any hope of dying of just old age and not of some dreaded, debilitating disease, you must consume as many greens as possible.

We have a synergistic relationship with plants. They breath out oxygen and we take that in, we breath out carbon dioxide and they need that to survive and create photosynthesis, the life force that makes edible plants become energetic food for us. Brilliant.

We are made up of many things including minerals. Minerals are the building block of our bones, blood and electrolytes. We cannot survive without them. Each mineral has a specific charge on it, a positive proton and a negative ion…we need these for energy along with enzymes. If we do not have enough, we feel tired and run down because we don’t have our batteries “charged!”

Here’s the best way to bring greens into your life without eating like a rabbit…drink your greens in the form of a GREEN SMOOTHIE!

I have been doing green smoothies for many years and have found it to be the most important piece of my diet that I will never give up. This simple addition to my diet has changed my health most dramatically. I’m not a big salad eater, so polishing off 1 lb of greens would be a challenge for me, but blending it first and breaking it down completely is so easy to eat. This is what I do everyday and it has changed my life.

What to do:

Add three dates, a ripe banana, 1/2lb of organic spinach, 1/2 lb of organic spring mix with 1 liter of water into a blender. Then DRINK! It is delicious, sweet, energizing and satisfying. You will want to start your day with it all the time because of how much natural energy it gives you. If I miss a smoothie I feel out of sorts and drag through my day. This is the basic recipe and you can have fun changing up the fruits and greens in your daily health drink.

(Read, Victoria Butanko’s, “Green For Life” Recipe book for detailed info on green smoothies!)

How it works:

Alkaline vs. Acid

The charged minerals in greens alkalize the body and help push out acids that have built up in the cleansing process during the night. (All systems cleanse during our sleep). Getting alkalized calms the body and creates a sense of peace in our constitution. (Think of a docile cow that eats green grass all day- they are so placid and happy). Because the greens are blended, you are getting a lot of fiber to push waste through the intestines and because it’s already broken down, the digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to utilize the food.

Try it, you’ll love it and so will your kids, if they aren’t too acid already. Acid follows acid, if the body is out of balance, anything green will not taste good until you can become alkaline then you can taste the sweetness of vegetables and even sweet fruit can taste sugary! It’s magical to feel Zen and nourished after a lot of greens.

Remember, disease only can survive in an acid body, so it’s important to get those minerals in!

A great way to look at nutrition as you are getting healthy is to focus on bringing in the “Good,” and as you get healthier, the “Bad” will just fad away. Why? Because you won’t crave things that make you feel tired and weighed down. I grew up in the Philadelphia area and LOVED cheese pizza. In fact, we had it several times a week including school lunch. I couldn’t imagine life without pizza and vowed that I would never give it up. As my desire for good health challenged me to find other foods besides “fast foods” to eat, I took on the challenge of giving up dairy for 2 WEEKS! That was 15 years ago and to this day, I still say that was the hardest thing I ever did. At the end of those 2 weeks, I couldn’t wait to get back to my milk and cereal, ice cream, mac n’ cheese, etc.…and, you guessed it, every bite of dairy made me sick to my stomach. My body was now telling me the truth – it doesn’t belong in the human body!! I invite you to take this challenge as well. Figure out what is making you sick and tired and start putting in things that create life, not drag yours down!


One day, when I was on the road to good health, I went to the grocery store and bought everything in the produce department that I had never seen before. Did you know that we basically eat the same 10 foods all the time? It’s true – keep a food journal for one month and see that you eat the same thing for weeks, it’s fascinating. So, I had all these strange things I had never seen before and certainly did not know how to cook. Think Rutabagas, Parsnips, tamarind root, jimica…I laid them all out and stared at them, looked up their nutritional content and started experimenting. Who knew Jimica was so sweet and light, it’s now one of my favorite “starchy” foods in the summer. Durian, a fruit out of Thailand looks like a spikey football and smells weird but it is my absolute favorite food of all time – I just had to have the courage to try it!!!! You’ll find your favorites too, but remember, try to eat what is provided locally and eat seasonally so that your body can be in rhythm with the Earth’s flow. (I only eat Durian when it’s in season in that Country and it’s a treat for me, but mostly, I eat what California provides, where I live and it is a treasure chest of goodness. Can someone say FIGS!!! Yum!


Detoxification – It is my deepest passion because of the miracles I have seen in both sick and well people. We are brought up knowing nothing about how to care for this vehicle we live in. The human body seems to be a challenge for us to figure out and yet once you understand your unique engine, you empower yourself to know how to fix your body when symptoms show up.

The way we detox is through the Lungs, Skin, Colon, Kidneys, Blood (Lymphatic System), and Liver. There are methods such as dry skin brushing, netti pot, eating raw foods, taking herbs, sweating and taking the time to do periodic cleansing which involves eating clean, wholesome, organic and nutrient-dense food for a period of time. There are many cleanses, but the best place to start is by doing a session of Colon Hydrotherapy. This will clean the colon, help release Bile from the Liver and hydrate the Colon. You will then have a better idea of the type of cleanse you need and with the support of your Colon Hydrotherapist, you will be assisted in choosing the best path in the Holistic Health realm, where it’s not about chasing the reason of symptoms, it’s about addressing the mind, body and spirit as a whole. Become your biggest cheerleader to yourself and educate yourself on how to heal your body so when you need it, you’ll know what to do!

My best to you- In good health!

Leah Joiner


Tired of Being Tired? Getting Your Sleep on Track

Living in a world full of stimulation...it's time to address the importance of sleeping well... You may eat well, exercise and have a full and enjoyable life but without proper sleep, your body will show signs of weakness in the form of sickness, low immune function, hormone imbalances and, well…a general feeling of being cranky and tired.

Before reaching for an over-the-counter or a prescription remedy, let’s look at what’s really going on that may be affecting your sleep pattern.

In holistic terms, the body will never go against you – ever – it is always seeking balance, rhythm and health. So sleeping issues are a truly modern problem and one that should be addressed if you are not sleeping at night.

The basics: your own body has its natural circadian rhythm that is specific to you. You might prefer working at night as opposed to the morning or you like to exercise at the end of the day instead of the early morning hours. This is your preference and therefore you create your own body’s rhythm, established in your earlier part of life. The key is to know your own rhythm and work with it. The body likes patterns and consistent daily routines. Your body wants to get up at the same time every day, eat at the same time everyday and go to bed at the same time each night. Therefore the systems of the body – hormones, digestion and the cleansing cycle of the organs can expect to do their job at the same time each day with little variety. So the first action to track is your daily routine. For two weeks, try and keep a constant schedule so that your body can regulate itself. Track how you feel for these two weeks and what works and what doesn’t work. Keep that consistency! This will do wonders for your overall health and allow you to see and feel your own, unique body clock.

So to recap, first the circadian rhythm must be addressed. Next, we can look at outside helpers to assist in your getting your sleep back on track.

If your body clock is off with an uncontrollable schedule, you’ll need to address the Melatonin levels in your body. This hormone regulates the pineal glad and therefore the light and dark cycles that tell your body to sleep and to wake. As we age this hormone diminishes so what can you do to make more melatonin? Eat black cherries! The phytonutrients in black cherries help regulate the hormone of wake and sleep cycles and can be a natural source instead of supplementing with Melatonin itself. Black cherries are also extremely alkalizing and can be added to a green smoothie for a nutritious breakfast. You can also buy black cherry concentrate and add this to your water to have throughout the day.

Another mode of helping the body to sleep is to gently diffuse calming oils into your sleep space that may include lavender or frankincense. There are many “sleepy time” blends on the market that are used to calm the nervous system and aid in your environment. Creating a nighttime routine of setting up your sleep space can help your brain to begin shutting down slowly as it creates nuro-pathways of suggestive thought…music, mediation, tea, dim lights, cool temp, etc.

The next area of thought to be addressed is your nervous system in general. Often we don’t sleep because we have stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol, etc.) coursing through our bodies and we are in a sympathetic nervous state for long periods of time putting us in “fight or flight” for sometimes years at a time and then the body does not shut down to rest because it hasn’t learned that you’re out of danger.

Helping yourself with stress can benefit sleep immensely. Taking deep breaths through the day, going outside at points during the day to get sunlight (go without sunglasses as sun needs to indirectly synthesize through the pupils). Taking short walks to encourage balance and de-stress. If you can, begin to cultivate a meditation practice before going to bed, as well as writing your end of day thoughts. This will help calm the mind and turn on the cleansing cycles for your organs, therefore assisting in your overall health.

Grounding technology…because we live in big cities we rarely have the opportunity to get grounded through the natural waves coming up through the Earth that literally keep our body balanced and feeling “good.” When we use electronic devices or have EMF’s around our body field during the day, we can feel drained no matter how much sleep we are getting at night. Check out the grounding pads that are available online and start with getting a pad that you put your feet on while at your computer and see if you feel more energy at the end of the day. It can be a game changer for those who struggle for deep, restorative sleep.

As many of us live in large cities, air quality can also be an issue, especially because at night we breathe much deeper than during the day. Consider using a HEPA filter in your sleep environment as a way to keep allergies and asthma at bay. Of course removing any electronics away from your head area will lesson the EMF transmissions in your room.

Beyond the basics of the general go-to’s: Bathing with Lavender, or having teas made from Valerian, Kava Kava, Chamomile, etc., herbs can be a great addition to a night time regime, but trust me, working with your own body rhythm, finding balance and assisting the nervous system will help you overall and not just a quick fix for the night.

You may also find a sleeping mask and ear plugs helpful to hear your own breathing or listing to ambient noise may be a better choice, but in any case, find what works for you and try and get that 7-9 hours of needed sleep in so that you will be well in your older years.

Good luck and keep dreaming those big dreams in deep, nourishing sleep!

A recipe using the Black Cherry Concentrate that's really yummy!:

Vegan Black Cherry “Pie” 

¼ Cup of Vegan, raw Granola (One preferably with greens)

1 T. Fiber/Probiotic Blend Powder

¼ Organic Goat Yogurt

2 T. Organic Black Cherry Concentrate

Stir and Enjoy!

Optional Additions:

A few Thawed black cherries

1 T. Cacoa Nibs

1 T. Coocnut flakes

1 t. Crushed almonds