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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

About four months ago, I was stressed out. My machine at work needed major

repairs, my parents were having health issues and I was deep in the middle of a

relationship that was challenged by the frustration of distance. I needed a break. Not

just some time off, but some perspective. I could see myself spinning, which

included not sleeping, over eating and drinking way too much caffeine and wine. I

know, it’s an American clique of how to deal with our stressed out lives, but there I

was knee deep in all of my nonsense with no real coping skills in sight. I believe

everything is happening for our highest good, but stepping back to see the lesson

can be hard when you’re busy surviving life.

I needed to change up something in my life or I was going to throw myself into a

health crisis, which is how I got into Holistic Health Care in the first place; but at

times, what I know from my intellect has nothing to do with what shows up in my

real life.

One night I sat down and asked myself, “what does my soul need right now?”

Not my head, not my heart, not my body. What can I do that will change something

inside of me that gives me perspective of what’s going on in my life? And it came to

me to plan a really, really hard trip to somewhere exotic and foreign. Hiking,

camping, trekking, limited amenities, you know, roughing it. Doing something

difficult seems to have the effect on me that takes me out of my worries and into

relying on myself to get through it. Thailand would be the perfect place. It’s half way

around the world and it has everything I need to get out of my head and give me the

hardship I needed to revel in the gratitude of what I have here in my day-to- day life.

I know, why something difficult? Because once I can prove to myself I can get

through anything while traveling, my regular life becomes much more tolerable and

seemingly easy.

Travel, for me, has always been my way in to myself. I’ve been traveling mostly solo

since 1992 when my girlfriend left me in Italy and I had to make it back to London

on my own. What I learned about myself was life changing. I found I could rely on

myself to make good decisions, I could put myself out there and ask for help or a

dinner date, I could endure any sleeping condition and get myself through all the

scary parts of the countries I was traveling through. I also had the realization that I

got the opportunity to have the feelings of fear, insecurity, courage and resilience,

which I didn’t experience in everyday life. I could do this all through the challenge of

traveling. It’s truly the way I get out of my comfort zone and survive by being with

myself and learning to love who I am even when things go sideways, and they

always do!

What’s your way into yourself when life gets unbearable? How are your coping skills

and have you developed a deep relationship within your self that can help you

course correct when things go array? It might be opening up in your creativity,

exploring an interest that has been lurking in the background, writing, anything that challenges your status quo. Make sure it’s fun and brings you joy – that’s the best

part, finding your joy that brings your life to LIFE!

My perspective on good health has always been that it has nothing to do with what

we are eating or our exercise schedule. Those are things that are within our control

and only good to maintain a sense of good health. But in my years of practice, I have

seen extremely “healthy” people be in very poor health. They may eat quantities of

kale everyday, but their stress levels are through the roof, or their personal

relationships are non-existent as they put all their energy into their career.

Balance is the true measure of good health. How are all the pieces of the pie in

your life? Relationship, Family. Friends, Spirituality, Physical health, Work, etc.? Not

that there is some idealized way of living, but I have found for me, personally,

getting out of my environment and making myself uncomfortable (as in just

showing up in a country and getting around with just the basic needs) is my way to

find myself and while I know a lot about wellness, nutrition, cleansing and physical

health, it’s our mental, emotional and spiritual health that needs more attention at


So, in moving forward with this New Year ahead, find a way into yourself that brings

you joy, insight and self-regard The point in life is not to get rich, we are here to

learn what our soul needs so that we don’t have to come back to this planet and do it

all over again and again and again. Life lessons come in many different ways and

when we gain perspective and not fall victim to the story, we can clearly see what

we can learn from any given situation we are handed.

Since returning, I’m much happier and life has come into a gentle cadence. I love

what I do and how my health supports my ability to experience balance. Happy New

Year to you all. I hope this year ahead gives us exactly what we need to feel

responsible for our soul’s journey here and may joy and balance be a qualities that

find you right here and now!.



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