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Listen...we are literally being drown in noise. In our modern society, we are listening to podcasts and music non stop with Bluetooth Earphones, attending workout classes with hyped music to get us pumped up and even listening to music to put us asleep.

Our Ears have never been used more and yet, I have never heard anyone talk about the health of these precious sensory Organs. We may be ignoring a systemic health issue upon us and we need to wake up and address the health of our Ears so that we can use our listening system well into old age.

How do the Ears work?

Your Ear is a musical instrument, designed to take in Sound waves from the curvy part of the Outer Ear and turn them into vibrations in the Middle Ear. Those vibrations tell the brain to respond from deep within the Inner Ear. A loud sound might have you react with Adrenaline or soothing music might tell your brain to relax and down regulate. There is constant input of messages directly into the brain from Sounds.

We are born with about 16,000 Hair Cells (I know, weird name for the hearing cells) located deep in the ears. These hairs are like blades of grass that bend and straighten with sound. When there is too much sound for a long period of time (a Rock Concert, leaf blower, etc,) the Hair Cells bend too much and die. This is what causes hearing loss. Once this occurs, there's no way to repair those Cells.

Knowledge is power and it's time we started addressing the fact that younger and younger kids are losing their hearing at an alarming rate. The main issue is the use of Bluetooth Earphones. These devices sit in the Outer Ear Canal and trap bacteria, skin, hair products, wax and sweat which can cause an infection or if the volume is too high, can cause Tinnitus or Ringing in the Ears, a tell-tale sign of the Hair Cells dying off.

The wonderful Ears have a mechanism to protect the Ear Canal by producing Wax (Cerumen) through the Ears, just like your nose produces Mucus to protect it against anything in the air. When the ears are being assaulted with Noise or Bacteria, the Wax is produced quickly to protect the Ears but can leave someone feeling like their ears are plugged.

I teach about ancient modalities and that is why I provide Ear Coning to my clients. Ear Coning has been used for Centuries by almost all cultures. It is a way I can introduce the facts about Ear Health and how to take care of our Ears as well as providing a wonderful service that is geared to sooth the ear and create Lymphatic Drainage from the Ears.

The incredible aspect of Ear Coning is how relaxing it can be when someone has stress in their life. The Vegas Nerve is responsible for our Fight or Flight Response can be directly manipulated only in the Ears. When my clients receive this service, I see their body shutter at some point, which is the Body moving from a Sympathetic stress response to a Parasympathetic state of Rest, Digest and Heal.

Some tips on Ear Health:

  • Instead of Bluetooth Earphones,, use comfortable headphones that sit over the whole ear.

  • Follow the World Health Organization's recommendations to listen to music at 60% volume for only 60 minutes..

  • Consider using corded headphones so that you do not have a Bluetooth Device directly into the Ear, especially if you are EMF sensitive.

  • When you are going to be exposed to loud noise, consider wearing Gun Muffs or Ear Loops - both noise reducing items that can muffle outside noises.

  • Learn Gua Sha techniques to open up Lymphatic Pathways for Ear Drainage.

  • The Sinuses connect to the Estation Tubes in the Inner Ear and could be the reason for your congestion when your nose isn't draining fully. An ENT can scope for the source.

  • Look for Ear cleaning kits from the Company, Wally's, the best source of Ear Care Products, including Ear Cones and Ear Oil.

  • The Ears are also the center of the Vestibular System, which keeps us upright and balanced. Vertigo and Dizziness are related to dysfunction in this system.

  • Ear Oils have been used for centuries to soothe and calm the Ears.

  • Ear Coning can be used often to soothe the Nervous System and assist Lymphatic Drainage in the Ears. (Do not receive this service if you have an active Ear Infection).

If you are producing Wax that is visibley sitting in the Ear, figure out why your Ear is making so much wax. Is it Shampoo/conditioner or stying products running into the Ears? Or maybe Noises or using Q-Tips, etc. The Ears need a break, just as your Eyes do. Going into nature and listening to trees, birds or wind can calm the Ears and allow them to recover.

Watch a YouTube Video on Lymphatic Drainage for the Ears and use the pads of your fingers to gently open up the pathways to help drain fluid into the Clavicle Drains.

In general, be gentle with your lovely Ears. We have never lived in a society so full of impacting noise and Direct Sounds into the Ear Canal at high volume. We will have to address this issue soon as our health is being impacted by what's coming into our Ears!

I'm always excited to educate my clients about different parts of the body and when you receive an Ear Coning Session, I will be happy to review Ear Health with you.



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