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Why the Lymphatic System is important to your overall body function.

Look in the mirror at your Collarbones. Does the skin behind the bones sit deeply, like a hammock? It should…the main drains of the Lymphatic System are protected by the Collarbones and if your skin is as high as the bones, you could be experiencing a back-up in the drains of the Lymphatic Vessels. In other words, the Interstitial fluid in your body isn’t draining properly. Keep in mind Lymph fluid comes up from the lower part of the body and down through these Neck drains into the Intestines and out of the body in the form of Urine and waste.

Let me explain further…the beauty of the female body often lies in the apparent health of a woman. For example, Estrogen deposits in a women’s hair to give the message of fertility, the small roundness over the lower abdomen shows the possibility of carrying a child, the Labia’s plumped skin shows balanced hormone health and sharp Collarbones show that the internal fluid is flowing smoothly, transporting immune and hormone cells to the correct glands and is being moved down through the body. These are all signs that a woman is fertile, balanced and healthy.

However, if you are retaining fluid behind your collarbones, you may also feel “puffy” in specific Lymphatic areas: under the chin, the back of the arms, the back bra line and under the front ribs in the upper Abdomen. You cannot exercise and eat better to have the Lymphatic System drain more efficiently, it has to be manually addressed to open the drains and assist the stagnant fluid to go from the Collarbone area down the thoracic Duct and into the holding area called the Cisterna Chyli. But why isn’t the fluid draining in the first place? It may be that the Colon and Liver are also not draining well and the fluid has nowhere to go!

This is the reason I do Lymphatic Drainage before a session of Colon Hydrotherapy. I open up the Lymphatic glands directly to encourage the backed-up fluid into the Small Intestine and out of the body via the Colonic.

While I am trained in Manuel Lymphatic Drainage (using hands to move fluid from the glands) I now use a much more powerful tool - a wand that uses a light beam generator, which emits a stream of photons (negative Ions) directly over the glands to encourage flow. This type of Drainage is called, B.E.L.D. (Bio-Electrical Lymphatic Drainage) and it’s an effective way to get Lymph moving!

During my sessions, I teach my clients the basic Anatomy and Physiology about the work we do in the appointment. I empower my clients to know exactly how the body drains and how we can keep ourselves in stellar health. This type of knowledge is imperative for us to understand the connection between our many systems, glands and organs that make up the orchestra inside our wonderful bodies!

I’m happy to help!



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