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Colon Hydrotherapy is incredibly effective when done by a certified and tenured individual.

WHOLISTIC WELLNESS offers an array of services to help you begin and continue your journey to healthy, vibrant living. 

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This 1 hour treatment is the administration of warm water to gently clear debris in the large intestine and optimize the Digestive Microbiome. I encourage all new clients to start with 3 sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy, one week apart to see results.

  • How should I prepare for my session?
    There’s no need to change your diet or do a cleanse. We assess the body in it’s current state and there can be recommendations on what is needed during your treatment. You’ll not want to eat a large meal an hour before coming in order for the digestive system to rest before the appointment. A detailed handout is given to suggest ideal meal choices for directly after your appointment as well as guidelines for suggested supplements to optimize gut Microbiome.
  • Should I drink water before coming in for my appointment?
    There’s no need to drink excess fluids before your session, because the nature of a colonic is to hydrate the body so that the cells can let go of waste and take in nutrients. You’ll feel a sense of deep hydration that will encourage you to drink fluids to keep the body at an optimal level of hydration.
  • Do men get Colonics and Lymphatic Drainage?
    Yes, absolutely, as they account for about 30% of my business. Men have slightly different issues than women because of the hormone differences, but most of my clients experience some form of digestive upset or bloating that can occur in anyone.
  • Can I still go to my appointment if I started my period?
    It’s absolutely fine and encouraged to cleanse the colon during Menes. Many women report that it can relieve cramping or hormonal upset as well as diminish PMS. Education is given on how the endocrine system is intricately tied to the digestive system and how both need to balance in the overall bodily system.
  • How can I expect to feel after my appointment?
    You should feel great! Hydrated, lighter, relaxed and empowered by your choice of self care. Because the body moves into the Parasympathetic Nervous response, clients report feeling mellow and calm. Some feel a great sense of positivity and motivation, which supports their busy lifestyle and overall health.
  • How can this help with my depression and anxiety?
    Because there is neuro tissue in the gut lining, neurotransmitters are exchanged between the gut and the Brain via the largest Cranial nerve in the body called the Vegus Nerve. Having a healthy gut encourages this nerve to relax and create neuro exchange in order to diminish the signaling of anxiety or depression.
  • I’m feeling nervous that the process will be uncomfortable, is there any pain in the process?
    There should never be pain when engaged in a healing modality. The process is healing and respectful, with mindfulness that the client is relaxed and present. Colonics are simply a way to gently introduce warm, soothing water to the bowels. Each step is fully explained and client driven. Everyone feels nervous the first time and then can experience how healing the modality is and how it can greatly effect our overall health goals.
  • My skin and hormones are out of balance, can the digestive system can be related to this?
    It’s absolutely crucial to understand that the body is all interconnected and that the skin is the largest eliminating organ. If there are skin issues, we look to the root cause which is often the disregulation of hormones or gut disbpyosis.
  • If I choose to do 3 Colonics, how far should I space them in my schedule?
    It’s suggested to do 1 colonic a week apart for the 3 weeks, keeping in mind other healthy practices to accompany the modality, such as healthy eating, exercise and mindfulness practices. All of which are explained in your session.
  • What will I be doing during my session?
    Your time will be filled with education about what is happening in all areas of your health - mind, body and spirit. It’s time to relax and learn about your individual needs from a nonjudgmental perspective.
  • What is colon hydrotherapy / colonic irrigation?
    Colon Hydrotherapy, traditionally known as Colonic Irrigation, gently fills the colon with warm sterile filtered water through a small sterile rectal tube. When the water is flushed out, it carries with it any material that has built up in the large intestine (colon), waste matter, toxins and trapped gases.
  • Is there a special kind of water used for Colon Hydrotherapy?
    We use highly filtered water which passes through two separate filters before being heated to the correct temperature. This filtered water is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon because of its drawing effect on solid particles, chemicals and other matter.
  • How is Colon Hydrotherapy different from enemas?
    Enemas are good to clean out the sigmoid and rectal areas of the colon, which extend to about 1ft. A series of colon-hydrotherapy treatments can clean out and remove impacted material from the whole colon which is 5 ft long. Additionally, colon hydrotherapy promotes peristalsis and helps the colon muscles regain tone therefore assisting the return of regular bowel movements.
  • Will laxative accomplish the same result?
    Laxatives empty the colon short term but are an irritant to the body. Therefore, the body produces a thin watery substance that goes through the colon and leaves behind impacted toxins and waste. Colon hydrotherapy uses pure water and does not irritate the body. One of the tremendous benefits is that it actually hydrates the body.
  • What can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?
    Colon Hydrotherapy is not a cure, but a valuable procedure used to assist the body for a wide variety of different colon-related conditions. By re-toning the bowel wall and improving colon functions, the entire body is able to function more efficiently.
  • How do toxins accumulate in the body?
    Toxins accumulate in the body as a result of stress and/or consuming too much acidic food, such as sugar, white flour, caffeine and alcohol. When the bowel becomes unnaturally acidic, it attempts to protect itself by secreting a glyco-protein substance that lines the entire intestinal wall. This is known as mucoid plaque. This substance is what makes it hard for the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients, which could result in chronic malnutrition. When the bowel becomes toxic, it contaminates the blood, which in turn, spreads the toxins to the heart, lungs, brain, muscles etc. as it is delivering nutrients throughout the body. In the end, the liver is left to deal with toxic blood, and after years of relentless toxicity, it will become sluggish until it will no longer function. At this point, the toxins will begin to collect in other parts of the body. Diseases will manifest wherever they settle. Overall, cleansing allows you to remove accumulated mucoid plaque in order to rebuild your bowel, your liver and protect yourself from disease.
  • Can you describe what a healthy well–functioning bowel is?
    When one feels the urge to eliminate and immediately honors the urge by a trip to the toilet, elimination is quick and painless and will feel complete. Stools are medium to light brown, have very little odor and will break up in water.
  • How many daily movements does a healthy bowel have?
    A healthy bowel may have two to three bowel movements daily, depending on what you eat.
  • How many sessions are recommended?
    We offer treatment plans best suited to the individual’s condition and needs. It’s generally recommended that a client starts with 3 sessions in order to see a difference in their health and then it’s assessed what further treatments are needed.
  • How much time is required for a Colon Hydrotherapy session?
    Please allow one hour for your first visit. This is a timed procedure, therefore please be on time for your appointment and slightly earlier for your first appointment to allow time to fill out your paperwork. Please allow one hour for each subsequent visit.
  • Is it possible to have Colon Hydrotherapy treatment while feeling tired and run down?
    Alertness and energy come from an optimized, healthy body with a well functioning Liver and Colon. It may be that sluggishness is coming from a body that needs assistance creating energy exchange from the cells. Detoxification has been used to help the body feel more energy.
  • How does Colon Hydrotherapy affect the bacteria balance in my body?
    Colon hydrotherapy does not flush all good or bad bacteria out of the body. Once toxins are removed from the colon, the beneficial bacteria have a cleaner habitat facilitating their reproduction and multiplication, therefore achieving a positive bacterial balance.
  • What is herxing?
    This means feeling tired before feeling radiance during your process of sessions. Rarely a client can feel shifts after a treatment as the body recalibrate to balance. Feeling tired can mean energy is being used to repair and therefore it’s encouraged to rest when tired as the body heals.
  • Why do the symptoms or signs of imbalance happen?
    All symptoms are related to issues of imbalances somewhere in the systems in the human body. For example weight is a by-product of the body needing to store toxins in a fat cell. Therefore stubborn weight can not be addressed by diet or exercise but through gentle detoxification in order for the system to balance.
  • Will Colon Hydrotherapy weaken my colon?
    No, colon hydrotherapy will not weaken any organ. On the contrary, one of the features of colon hydrotherapy is the toning of the colon muscles, which helps in maintaining and resuming regular bowel movements.
  • How will we know when the colon is empty?
    The colon will probably never be empty, as it’s an organ in continuous use. As more of the impacted material is released, clients comment on feeling the water enter higher regions of the colon without any sense of obstruction. The objective should not be an empty colon, but rather a well functioning colon.
  • Is Colon Hydroth­erapy restorative?
    Many clients report better digestion, clearer skin, brighter eyes, energy and balanced bathroom habits in general. The goal in this modality to to create balance and radiance through a healthy, functioning body.
  • Is Colon Hydrotherapy embarrassing?
    Your dignity and privacy is completely maintained at all times in the comfort of our calming and soothing private treatment room. During your bowel movement, there is no odor with the closed system.
  • Are there any contra-indications to Colon Hydrotherapy?
    There are a few contra-indications to keep in mind when considering colon hydrotherapy, including recent colon and abdominal surgeries, hernias, uncontrolled high blood pressure and other conditions. We thoroughly check the suitability of each individual prior to starting any treatment. In some cases, we may refer you to your doctor for further examinations to assess suitability for treatment.
  • What preparation do I need to do prior embarking on a colon hydrotherapy treatment program?
    No change in diet is necessary prior to a treatment. There are guidelines given for Microbiome optimization and a suggested foods to include in a healthy diet during your treatment plan.
  • Should I be fasting before a session?
    It encouraged to eat something before your session. Keep in mind to not eat a huge amount an hour before coming in because the client will feel more comfortable with the stomach massage.
  • After a session, can I exercise?
    Absolutely! You can do whatever you’d like as you’ll be feeling balanced and refreshed. Expect a cleaner sweat while exercising because of the hydration given to the body.
  • What kind of diet should I follow immediately after a Colon Hydrotherapy session?
    Following a cleansing of the large intestinal, the body may feel very relaxed. This is simply your body working out and processing through its cleaning period. Give the body proper rest is to rejuvenate. Immediately after receiving Colon Hydrotherapy, it is important to: Drink plenty of liquids (purified water, juices, herb teas and electrolyte liquids) to keep hydration consistent. Avoid eating raw vegetables straight after the treatment. Steamed vegetables and raw fruit are fine. (To be chewed very thoroughly). Reduce meat consumption (especially beef, pork as well as chicken), alcohol, caffeine, and sugar intake.
  • Does Colon Hydrotherapy affect the electrolyte balance in the body?
    In the 1989 study, “Effects of Colon Hydrotherapy on Serum Electrolytes” conducted by National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, USA found: “No patients experienced any clinically significant symptoms or disturbances”.
  • What's the age range of your clients?
    To keep my Liability Insurance, I am only able to see Men and Women between the ages of 18-65. This is a great age range because each of the stages of life need different types of support.
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