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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies out there. Gals…it’s time to get real.

It’s time to talk about uncomfortable topics, like our bathroom habits, life’s pitfalls and our coping tactics in life. No more feeling stuck; grab a female friend and start talking about REAL STUFF!

For the last two months I’ve been attuning to my female clients and their questions about what’s “normal” in the female body. I get questions like, “How often should I be going to the bathroom?” "Why am I gaining weight?” "Do my heavy periods relate to my stress?” and many more intriguing and introspective questions. I see that we need answers and the ability to ask the questions without being shamed or given the wrong advice or opinions. I’m hearing that there are limited outlets to really get to the nifty gritty of our embarrassing questions.

My life’s purpose is driven by the desire to connect the sisterhood of women and help us feel fully actualized, healthy and validated. We live in a world dominated by the need to compete with each other and I can only sense that this drives women apart and makes us feel hopeless.

So ladies, Bring me your questions – no matter what they are – bathroom habits, weird rashes, yeast infections, periods, relationships and your insecurity. You’re safe with me. I encourage all of us ladies to listen to each other without judgment, criticism or advice. Listen from love in your heart and know that we are all doing the best we can and we could all use a little encouragement and some good old fashion venting with some real feelings behind it– raw and deep. Find someone who loves you unconditionally and start sharing. This brings us back to each other – connection and care. It’s time to drop the back and forth of conversation and just listen. You’ll be amazed how good you can make someone feel by just hearing what they need to say.

Thank you for giving me your stories over the years and letting me share mine. My dream of connecting and helping women truly fulfills and heals me and I have been blessed with some awesome soul candy ladies over these years. I know you’re one of them.

If you’re feeling a little directionless or need a boost around your diet, book an appointment for a 1 hour Nutritional Consultation to review your optimal diet. If maybe, you’d like to share in a place of deep safety and love, book an appointment for a Soul Coaching Session. Both are helpful depending on what you need.



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