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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We’ve all taken our car to the mechanic with the engine light on only to be told there are 10 other big issues that need to get fixed right away. I find going to a Western doctor can have this same experience.

I’m here to tell you the truth on how the body heals. I know this because not only have I seen it with my incredible clients – I have saved my own life. Going to the doctor and hearing bad news can send you down a rabbit hole of fear and panic. Here’s a short list of some natural remedies that will get your power back and taking control of your health, no matter what your health condition. You, first and foremost, have the power to heal.

This past month I went in for my yearly check up for my lady parts only to get a call a few days later telling me that I had abnormal cells and that a biopsy would need to be done right away. I immediately started to sweat and panic. My Grandmother had Uterine Cancer and had to undergo a complete hysterectomy. My mind went to the darkest place and I saw myself having the same fate. I went home and sat silent for several hours regretting choices I had made about partners, not taking better care of myself…you know, the whole mind game the Ego likes to play with us. It was scary and lonely with all of the weight of what was ahead of me.

After a few days of darkness, I started to feel a spark inside. Wait, I know how the body heals. I know it will never go against me, I know what it needs to heal. So, in a much more enlightened place, I’m sharing this knowledge with you and hope you can empower yourself when you get bad news about your health. We truly hold our healing power.

What to do if you’ve been diagnosed with a health condition:

(From a Holistic Perspective)

1. Sit quietly and gather your thoughts to get on the same page with your healing path ahead. Start making a game plan and understand it’s not about “fixing” the problem, but merely moving into a space where healing can take place within the body.

2. Look at the stressors in your life. What outside forces are driving your imbalance? Working too much, a relationship, obligations, family…try and step away from anything that is pulling on your energy and move a bit slower in life to become more present.

3. Get 3 Colonics in one week. Hydration and clearing the liver will jump-start your body to go into a healing state. Familiarize yourself with coffee enemas as well that clear the liver quickly.

4. Go to bed early. The body can only heal in a restful state. Think positive thoughts before lying down and tell your body to please heal itself while you dream.

5. Start alkalizing your diet. Nothing drastic…just add chlorophyll, a green smoothie, lemon water, minerals, etc. that will help mitigate the acids in your body.

6. Oxygenate. If you can, try and use a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber each week to oxygenate your cells and kill off pathogens or bacteria. If you do not have access to this, try to get to the beach or mountains to get fresh air and negative ions from the earth.

7. Body Brush each morning to move your lymph system. You can also stretch or walk to move stagnant lymph in the A.M.

8. Look into Ozone treatments. Ozone kills bacteria on contact and is now being used through an IV or into the body directly. Glutathione IVs are also helpful for liver detoxification and are often used in conjunction with ozone treatments.

9. Self-Reiki. If you’ve ever had energy work from someone, you know we humans have power within us. Use your own hands over your healing site and tell it you love it and that you will help it heal. This can be a beautiful experience of self-love.

10. Breathe. Deep breathing tells your body to switch out of fight or flight and relax. Shallow breathing keeps the body on alert and not healing.

11. In-Far-Red Saunas. Powerful heating inside the body to move stagnant matter through the skin by sweating.

12. Look at the Korean Modality of a “V-Steam” or an “A-Steam” for internal issues, especially for women’s pelvic floor or abdomen problems.

13. Consider a fasting retreat that involves raw food/juicing/colonics. Spend time writing, doing yoga, breathing and detaching from stress.

14. Eat more LIVE foods, which contain water, enzymes and minerals to heal faster.

15. Work with a caring Naturopath, Functional Medicine Doctor or another Alternative Medicine practitioner. Instead of conventional medicine, you can use herbs, tinctures, anti-virals, essential oils and probiotics as well as many other modalities that can target your healing.

Trust that you have all you need to heal and that it’s all going to be okay and that you are strong enough to get through anything. Be your own best friend.

Addressing the issues from the Mind, Body & Spirit Perspective can help you reconnect to your self and get you present in the truth of your own healing path.

I’m here for you always and as I wait on my biopsy results, I know that whatever the outcome, I have ancient knowledge that will guide me through this. We are “Spiritual Beings having a human Experience.”



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