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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Howdy Folks! Are you feeling the need to cleanse? You’re body is producing a lot of bile from the Gallbladder right now in the Spring, so keep eating bitter greens and healthy foods to keep it all moving well.

By this point, you know my definition of health minimizes the focus on food and exercise and relies more on information of stress load, hormone balance, cravings and most importantly, SLEEP!

A couple years ago I found myself up all night at times and out of rhythm with my sleep patterns. I had been with a partner who snored loudly for over two years, and I realized I really wasn’t getting deep, REM sleep. As you know, we ONLY REPAIR WHEN WE SLEEP OR ARE IN A PARASYMPATHETIC STATE OF RELAXATION. Therefore, I wasn’t repairing my body and started to crave fats/sugars (glucose) and gaining weight because my body perceived I was in danger and it went into protection mode.

It took me several months to get back on track, but this month’s article shares with you the ways you can start sleeping and repairing your body with little effort. Remember, the body loves the same schedule everyday. If you can give your body the message of balance, it will reward you with energy and beauty.

A big help has been wearing my amber colored glasses at night. You may know that watching TV, a laptop or phone with the blue light on disturbs the pituitary gland and perceives daylight and the brain does not create the hormone, Melatonin to help you sleep. So now I look pretty cool at night in low lighting with my amber glasses on, drinking unsweetened cherry juice (naturally makes melatonin) and laying on my grounding mat! J

If you have sleep issues, consider doing an easy cleanse for your bowels and liver and do the suggestions in the article to get you back on track and start feeling better soon!

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