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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

I’ve been traveling extensively for the past 26 years, and a lot of it has been challenging to my overall health issues of chronic constipation, general indigestion and hormone imbalance. Over these years, I’ve healed many of these problems but traveling can bring the issues back, so I’ve created a game plan that has been helpful and wanted to share them with you! Maybe you’ve had some negative health experiences on a vacation only to find yourself wrecked upon coming home. I know how you feel, but it doesn’t’ have to be that way!

The goal when traveling is to enjoy your time and mitigate the challenges that cause imbalance in the body. Why not feel awesome before, after and during your trip, which hopefully includes some down time for yourself!

Here’s the plan:

First, a few days prior to traveling start on a powerful probiotic. I use Advance Naturals Ultra Critical, 200 Billion. It’s a 14-day course of strong, full spectrum probiotics that will help your immune system fight any foreign bacteria that could make you sick while traveling. You can take this product with you while you’re away in order to strengthen those microbes in your belly. If you have an Autoimmune Condition, I sell an FDA approved, well studied, Spore Biotic, a uniquely patented spores of good bacteria for those of us that have underlying gut/immune issues. I also recommend taking a strain of yeast that is very important in the gut to fight against pathogens. It’s called Saccharomyces Boulardii and if you're going anywhere with questionable food, you definitely want to make sure you have this in your system. I test all my probiotics for effectiveness and these products can be a game changer for overall immune health.

Next, get a colonic right before traveling. The hydration alone will help with jet leg and bloating that occurs from the flight. It will also help you go into your trip clean and assist your belly to deal with the different water and food (microbes) you will experience at your destination.

If you’re going somewhere with a significant time change, consider taking a pure Melatonin that will help you get onto the correct Circadian Rhythm when you arrive. I personally take and sell a very unique product called MZS by Dr. Pierpaoli, which ships out of Italy. It’s the purest form of Melatonin with zinc and selenium for better effectiveness. It’s helpful to take this product throughout your trip if sleeping is an issue for you while traveling.

The best part of foreign travel can be all the fun and exciting food you’ll get to try! Try and remember that your gut has never had many of these foods before in your Microbiome. Managing these incoming forms of bacteria can save you from diarrhea, stomach aches or bloating.

One rule of thumb to remember is all foods have the potential for parasites and negative, foreign bacteria. Typically when traveling, your immune system is naturally low so some foods can take you down that normally wouldn’t affect you at home. Therefore, I take 2 capsules of HCL to rid any potential parasites in the stomach before they go into the intestines. I sell the best Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) by Premier Labs. It’s just that added layer of help to aid digestion, especially proteins and protect yourself.

In addition to HCL for the stomach, adding a potent, complete digestive enzyme is helpful. I carry one by Advanced Naturals called DigestMax because of its high number of enzymes to break down carbs, proteins and fats. Think less bloating after meals!

Also, DRINK THE LOCAL LIQUOR! I know, I’m advocating alcohol, but while traveling, it can help kill any potential bacteria coming into the body. I also advocate enjoying an aperativo, a digestive bitters before a meal, signaling digestion or a digestift, a bitters drink after a meal to aid in digestion. Just a suggestion. But one that makes a lot of sense. ;)

If you have strong digestion, it’s helpful to eat a myriad of foods to build the diversity in your microbiome. Last year when I went to Italy and France, I ate all the bread, pasta, cheese and wine I could and I came back feeling better than ever, because I got out of my normal food regime and let me digestion have a field day with clean, whole foods giving major diversity and microbes! I’ve felt great ever since!

Many of us are, unfortunately, afflicted with constipation while traveling. This can be because the body is off rhythm and perceives it to be in danger or stressed and the enteric nervous system in the gut slows to a crawl. It’s a bummer. For the last 20 years I’ve traveled with ColonMax, by Advance Naturals, the correct magnesium, formulated just for the Colon. It’s helped me not be grumpy and it gets me to the restroom everyday. Halleluiah!

Finally, get a colonic upon returning home. Get your system rehydrated and back on track ASAP so you can get back to work and back to your regular eating habits. I always feel better when I’m clean going into my trip and want to get back to normal quickly once I return.

I hope this helps. I know it’s a lot, but when you have tummy troubles, it detracts from your overall travel experience, so be proactive with your health.

I’m here for you always. Book a session and come in with your health struggles & stories – I love it! If you're interested in any of the supplements I mentioned, pick them up at your next session or buy them from my website. (They're at the bottom, after Services).

Happy Trails!

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