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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Hope you are all finding your groove in this new norm. I certainly am and just starting to revisit my healthy diet and planning how I want to feel going into the Fall.

It’s a perfect time to take stock of your health. We are done with summer foods and are beginning to look forward to the Foods of Fall - squashes, pumpkin, spices and warming foods. These are what we can look forward to later this month.

Even though this current world is different, Mother Nature doesn’t change, we still should be in tune to the change of seasons and therefore tuning into to what we need and what we are craving.

If balanced meals are still a challenge to get a variety of nutrition in your diet, supplementing with nutrients may be the way to offset any deficiencies you may be experiencing. You could consider taking supplements and “supplementing” what you are not getting in your diet.

This broad-spectrum topic can mean anything from vitamins to neurotransmitters and everything in between. I’m here to help you choose the right product for your specific needs.

If you’ve been to my office recently, you may notice that I have a large bag beside my desk full of different bottles. I also have full cabinets at home with hundreds of supplements that I took at one time and think I may use again in the future. It’s time to go through these bottles, tinctures and powders and only keep what I need. You may want to do the same.

My advice is to sit down with all your supplements and do an inventory.

  1. Put aside all the supplement bottles you are not going to use again. The ones you tried but you didn’t notice anything with them. It’s okay to throw these away.

  2. Check the expiration date on the bottles to see if they are still effective.

  3. Put your supplements in categories of need. For example, hormonal health, gut health, nutrition/vitamins, cleansing, Liver health, etc.

  4. Assess one area of your health you want to focus on in your life.

  5. Put these bottles into their own group and put all other supplements away and keep these only these present.

  6. Do a bit of research to assess which of these chosen supplements you’d like to take on a daily basis and what you will use as your goal to see if it’s working.

  7. Store remaining bottles you’d like to keep in a dark, dry cabinet that has little variation in temperature.

  8. Create a game plan of when and how you will take the supplements for your health condition, In the morning, or staggered through the day or at night?

  9. Read all directions on your chosen supplements.

  10. Create your goal of health so you know when to back off taking these supplements.

For example, I have hundreds of different supplement bottles. I am currently working on hormone health. In looking at all my herbs and nutrients for hormone balance, my goal was to have a regular, short period every month on a full moon. I choose my herbal blend for general hormone balance, DIM, Calcium d-glucarate, Myomin, sulforaphane and a strong probiotic. I created a schedule of how and when to take them based on the instructions. I went from having a long period every two weeks (perimenopause) to having my usual three-day periods every month on a Full Moon. This Process took 6 months. I now feel stable in this area, and I will look at creating another protocol based on my health needs.

Remember that your diet is paramount in this endeavor. These products can aid in assisting your health to rise above imbalances that you may have going on in the body, but it cannot take the place of real food.

In taking this topic further, I am seriously relying on Genetic information to assist in what supplements to take that make sense for my genetic coding. This is such an area of interest for me that I am partnering with a genetic sourcing company with an interpreter to refer to my clients who want to know how their genetic make-up is keeping them sick and what supplements to take to get them better. This is the new level of holistic medicine, looking at our unique genetic coding to decide our diet, exercise, supplements and health rituals that are tailor created for each of us. My good friend and client are now offering genetic code readings for my clients and it’s a MUST for those serious about their health. She happens to be an expert in this area, and I have changed all aspects of my health based on my genetic information!

You may need help creating these specific protocols for yourself. I can be a resource for you to guide you on what supplements to take and in what order. Please bring in your supplements on your next visit, and we can review them for effectiveness and purity.

Taking too many supplements that compete with energy in your body can be detrimental to your health. By focusing on just one group of supplements for your health issue will afford you the ability to gauge how your health is improving.

Take the pressure off your Liver and widdle down your supplement cabinet. Let’s do this process together. Remember, you’re only as healthy as what you “absorb,” not eat. Being clean and having a healthy liver will help your food and supplements be utilized in your body so always keep colonics in your routine for overall health. Reach out and ask all your questions at your next session.

Book a session so we can discuss supplements and more!



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