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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

We all know how to take care of our physical health but are you taking care of your energetic self? During this holiday time, you may experience people that rock your footing. So, keep your balance and learn to protect your energy and remember to include self-care in your plans this coming month!

What I’m going to share with you is not rooted in science, as belief and faith cannot be quantified or measured. Our energetic body cannot be seen, but it can be felt by ourselves and others. Depending on how sensitive you are to other people’s energy will determine how much protection you will need to learn in order to keep yourself grounded.

I have seen thousands of clients and there are patterns any practitioner begins to see in humans. One is the vibration/energy/frequency in a person. A pattern that I have seen over and over again is when someone is sad, depressed or down (low energy) they are more vulnerable to negative microbes, fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites.

Basically, when your energy in your body is low, your immune system is compromised.

I have seen women go through a challenging situation; a breakup, loss of a job, arguments, internal struggle, etc. and often times will end up with chronic infections, pain or tummy issues. Basically, showing that when we are struggling, we have a less robust immune system and in this low frequency are vulnerable in our health.

It’s the ethereal body, our Aura. The part of us that sometimes gets stolen by energy vampires or slimmed by Narcissists. It gives you a feeling that you just can’t shake or just let go of, your energy field has been rattled.

So, observe your energetic self. What is your general mood, do others come closer to you or do you keep them at bay, what is your tone…casual, upbeat, down or indifferent? Observe these qualities in others to gain an understanding of this concept, then assess yourself.

As an empath who can plug into someone’s energy without me even knowing it, I must be hyper aware of my energetic field. If I’m around someone who is chronically down, my energy goes down and I become vulnerable to issues, pains and imbalance in my own body.

We all hold a frequency. This vibration seeks like vibrations amongst us. I learned long ago, that I must remove myself from negative energies and use Physic protection to contain my feminine energy so that I keep myself in healing mode of relax and digest instead of flight and fight.

Here are a few tools to use if you’d like to practice Spiritual Protection:

  • Pray and Meditate. This is just a must to build up-leveled, high frequency. When we are in the pure state of presence, there is a shift in the energetic field around the body and our immune system gets stronger. Prayer used throughout the day, from the heart, connects our higher self to source and our Aura grows brighter. It’s important to say a protection prayer before you sleep so that your soul can travel while your body heals. I use The Insight Timer App for all my meditations and music.

  • Essential oils. When I was delicately healing from my health crisis, I needed something tangible to do for protection from Energy vampires. My go to oil is White Angelica by Young Living Oil and I still often rub it between my palms and put an imaginary boundary around my body, head and belly that keeps me in my own energetic bubble. You can also pair your oils in a very warm, Epsom Salt baths. These salts can rid the body of negative energy that may have been picked up during the day. Dip your crown chakra in the Epsom water if you feel your crown is holding negativity. Try for elegant, hand-crafted, unique oil blends.

  • Energetic Protection Spacesuit. On days you need your inner strength, use this technique: Stand firmly, feeling grounded and good. Ask your guides to give you strength for the day. Imagine you draw a large circle about one foot in front of you on the ground. Physically jump into that imaginary circle. In that circle, create a spacesuit made from all the feelings you want to feel that day, self-confidence, worth, positivity, energy, hope…whatever feelings you want. On the floor of your circle is this spacesuit of these wonderful feelings. Literally step forward into the circle, physically imagine you putting one leg in at a time, then the arms and zip up your suit to protect you all day. You are now in your amazing, feeling spacesuit for the day and fully protected.

  • Write a gratitude list. Gratitude and Love are the highest vibration. Use your journal to really feel into each thing you write. Notice your heart getting fuller and maybe you get goose bumps from your frequency rising. I find my highest vibration when I am deeply present in gratitude. I only experience it in short spurts but am learning how to stay there longer. This is how you build your Vortex. Check out Ester Hicks/Abraham about Vortex Energy on Spotify or YouTube.

  • Sage or smudge your space. These Native practices were taught to me when I healed initially. They are powerful tools and every day in my healing space I sage my treatment room, thank our guides and open the space for grace and wonder in the energy of health and healing. Palto Santo can also be used to do energetic clearings and offer a portal for guides to enter your space.

  • Crystals. I used to think these were an old school approach to spiritualism, yet I have learned that they can amplify, clear or repeal energy in general. I have amethyst stones in my treatment room that offer balance and protection as well as tektite in the room for remediation and protection. Contact my beautiful soul friend to buy crystals:

  • The word LOVE. Have this word somewhere in your space where you spend most of your time. This word has the highest frequency and it radiates out truth and purity.

  • 15 second touchstone meditations. If you start your day in high vibration and you feel yourself going down the emotional guidance scale, sit, breathe, put your hand to your heart, ground and tap your heart o come back to self. You may have to do it 100 times before you realize that you are actually living consistently in the vibration of love and flow. Tapping can be a great tool for this too!

  • Write questions to your higher self. Write all the things you want to know about any issue in your life that you cannot solve in your brain. Go into Meditation and when you’re ready, ask your higher self the questions. With soft eyes, still meditating, write down what you hear. Finish meditating and review the answers. You will have everything you need.

  • Genuinely laugh every day. This will strengthen your immune system and build your frequency so that you become a magnet for other happy vibrations to be drawn to you. Yes, it’s actually that simple, and it creates more white blood cells…easy breezy.

Hope this helps all of you seekers out there getting your grove on in your energetic field. It’s magical to know we have the power in us, innately, just waiting to be expressed.

I’m here to help you if you get struck along the way. Book Now or call for a consultation.



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