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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Ladies – my heartfelt desire is that we women feel self-actualized, whole, healed and complete in our being. Health is mind, body and spirit. If our heart is not fulfilled, than our physical health will inevitably suffer.

I’ve been on a journey to my inner self for 22 years and have reached an awareness that I could never have understood in my 20’s that involves me connecting and finding my deeper soul, removing the barriers to my true self and finding self-love that doesn’t look like narcissism.

I live from a core belief that we are responsible for our souls and our evolution. Life is a school for our learning. All of us have different lessons and the way they are given to help reach deep within and create who we are by dismantling who we became through our culture/family/religion, etc. and into a awake and conscious person. It takes trust, courage and persistence. This process doesn’t have to be a lonely one; it can also be done in partnership. Maybe you are ready to call in a partner to help you transform?

As an empath and HSP (Highly sensitive person) I have spent many years being inward and judging myself as lacking or not enough. All of us that feel “unique” or “different” go through the agonizing birth to find and accept the self. Eventually when we take the time to do the work, we then want to share our life in the energy of love.

The focus had been on myself for many years until I wished to share my life with another human being. Not just a body, but a person who would help my soul sing, see my idiosyncrasies as cute and someone who would honor my inner world and give me the space to love and unfold in a safe and unchallenged way.

I was looking for a Unicorn…well, specifically a Manicorn…

In the beginning, I truly believed that a person did not exist for me. Then I saw that this was a limiting belief and that anything was possible. I just had to get clear on the FEELING of what I wanted to experience. I set out to dismantle all the bits of myself that did not serve my highest good, keep the parts of me that I loved and made me feel special and begin to amplify my radiance so my man could find me.

Sounds easy…

It was a messy. My journey of letting go of the parts of me that had been built from judgments, social conditioning, family expectations and cultural bias was extremely painful and dark. I persevered and at the end of several challenging relationships, I knew what needed to be healed inside of me, I began to pray. I prayed for the right man, a kind man, one I could share my life with and not feel compromised in any way. One that accepted me right now – not who I had to become, but would take my hand and be a partner in helping me create the next chapter of my life.

Through self-work and transformation into a better version of my true self, my Manicorn came and while I was unsure in the beginning to trust that I was worthy enough to siren my partner to me, it became clear that this human was the perfect match for me. I am now whole healed and complete (I always was) and living in a union with enough space to be alone, and still feel unconditionally loved, appreciated, encouraged and comfortable.

My Manicorn, (Johnny) and I just celebrated our Wedding together last month. There was magic present. Now I begin a new path of all the emotions and thoughts that come with a commitment of this magnitude.

I feel safe, parked into something solid and secure. Through the bliss, I keep a close eye on my inner child to make sure she is fulfilled and happy from me. I’ve learned that self-love is the path to freedom and if you’re looking for your Manicorn, buckle up, check in, call your guides and clear the path to make that a reality. I could have never imagined how life could be so beautiful when shared in the bubble of love.

I now teach this technique of clearing the blockages to love through my Soul Coaching. I’m honored to assist other women to a place of freedom and connection. Sometimes it’s not about finding love in another but how to find the love within ourselves that is the challenge.

I’m here for you.

Start simple…create a daily mantra that will begin to move energy in your soul – each morning repeat…”I am unconditionally loving, powerful and peaceful.” In the following month those words will turn into who you have become.



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