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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

An aspect of my work is to explore if a physical issue is being run by an emotional upset since Holistic Health resides in the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. If you have a chronic health condition maybe you are frustrated about why you have this going on in your body…Bad Luck? Hereditary? Karma?

What if your physical ailments are something deeper, something being run from the subconscious about an issue that needs clearing and healing?

What if a physical problem is coming forth to get your attention and show you how to heal yourself or to give you an opportunity of insight?

Let me tie all this together with a personal health story to show you an example of what my intuition is telling me about the true definition of disease.

A few years ago I received a man into my life through the strangest circumstance (always a sign of Divine intervention) and for three years went through a challenging and life-changing relationship. I was shown my lack of self-love/self-trust/self-worth and therefore the inability to receive love because I didn’t have love within me. I learned all I could about healing my heart and let that relationship go and began to practice self-care.

About a month after that relationship ended, I scheduled a routine pap test. The test results came back with Pre-Cervical Cancer. I was devastated. I was healthy. What was happening? I scaled back on wine, did more yoga and re-worked some details in my life to ponder on this issue.

I tested again 6 months later. It was worse. It had turned into severe Cervical Dysplasia and I was sent to St. John’s Cancer Center. I’m in the Holistic Health field; people like me don’t go to Cancer Centers. We know how to heal; I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me.

Fear had gripped my life so tightly that I could not sleep. I was numb. Why was this showing up in my life?

I got serious and started Ozone Insufflations internally, Colonics, Naturopathic remedies, Suppositories, herbs, homeopathic, diet. I was working it from all angles.

I tested again…it was still there.

One thing became clear. Even though I had left my “learning” relationship months before with my mind understanding the matters of the heart, my womb had taken on some energy that were disrupting my body.

It’s not a coincidence that the problem was in my womb - the feminine – the mother– the core – the true self - the link to the mother lineage – I had abandoned this part of me emotionally and now it was showing up as a ‘medical issue.’

I spent time listening inside and waiting for it to answer me why my womb was needing attention. I received the answer. Cancer is all about separation. A cell goes off on it’s own and begins to grow it’s own tumor or create a cluster of cells that have left the Mother cells. This is what was happening to me. I energetically had separated this part of me and I needed to bring it back into my body and soul.

Through Shamanic Medicine work, I have been able to dive deeply into another reality to gain assistance from higher beings that have helped me bring my sweet womb back into balance. I asked the divine mother about this idea of separation and I heard a clear, “Yes, all disease is separation of self.”

Therefore, I offer up this idea to you readers to explore your health condition. Where ever you have pain, struggle, and chronic disease, there may be a greater opportunity to tune in and self heal.

If I did not have this piece in my healing journey I would not be assured that my biopsy I will have again in 3 weeks will be clear. I am healing a deeper part of my soul that was asking for attention.

I owe myself that. I promised my womb that I would never abandon her or let anyone hurt her ever again. I thanked her for being patient.

I feel great, reconnected and ready to move on from this situation and into my new life as a Wife to my soon to be Husband, and also be a loving partner to myself.

This is all Food for thought! The Universe has a way of giving me experiences for myself so that I can share it with others. If you relate, please message me and I can help you do some inner exploration. It’s my life mission to pull it all together for myself and others.

I’m now dedicating Thursdays to Soul Coaching. Book Now so we can begin the deeper healing!

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