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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I have explored many of the food trends that seem to flood the health scene these days. Most of my clients hyper focus on their diet instead of addressing the real issue going on in their body. They’ve been taught that limiting what they eat is the only way to treat digestive symptoms.

I’m here to tell you that your DIET is a small part of your health journey. Every client I have ever seen has “a great diet.” No one sees me that has a diet full of refined sugar or fast food – they wouldn’t invest in their time with me. My clients are savvy and eat what I consider a balanced diet, although they still have health issues.

Trying to fix your health issues with diet alone is like focusing on what type of gas you are putting in your car when your vehicle has the engine light on continuously.

You’d fix the vehicle instead of adding premium gas, right? Attending to your underlying issue will get you much further in your health pursuits instead of eating the perfect diet.

And what is the perfect diet anyway? It’s the one that is right for you and you alone. You will never find your diet in a book or the Internet. When you are in balance, the right diet just exists for you in all its perfection. Jumping on diet trends can wreck havoc on your delicate system and cause further damage to a body already under siege from the challenges of life.

Also, there are times in your life where you need to change up your diet to work with your health condition. For example, if you have a hormonal imbalance, changing to a high cruciferous, seed cycling and estrogen-reducing diet is appropriate. Or if you have an autoimmune condition (and who doesn’t these days?) reducing inflammation and strengthen your immune system should be a top priority.

I’m seeing most of my clients following a low carb, protein and fat heavy diet and my sense about this is that this is not sustainable. Protein is dehydrating and fat is clogging to the liver as well as starving your body of glucose, which is found in grains and fruits, needed for healthy function.

Food allergies are a sign that your gut is not balanced. We are omnivores – we should be able to eat and digest almost anything but if you are having histamine reactions taking out groups of food from your diet will weaken the bio-diversity of your gut making it even harder to eat “regular” food in years to come and the point is to be able to eat anything – anywhere and be totally fine.

So, take a look at your overall diet. Are you still eating the same foods you were eating for the last nine months? Consider getting a few colonics to clear out and start adding microbes to your gut to build up the strength in your gut so a piece of cheese doesn’t land you in bed for three days.

Begin to add in gentle fruits to your diet to add antioxidants and natural sugar so your body can perform at it’s best.

Want to talk it through? I do nutritional consultations discussing ideas that are appropriate for you and your lifestyle. Or sign up to do a liver cleanse that can help your liver get a break – liver function is EVERYTHING!



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