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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

How’s everyone doing out there? Have you found normalcy in the abnormality of life? Have you created a new cadence, a new rhythm, new habits, new thoughts about life? We may never get this kind of opportunity again to truly pare down life to a bare minimum and begin to cherry-pick those parts of our life that we will keep after we begin moving back to our normal pace.

If you have taken the time to enjoy being at home, cook more, exercise and get a decent night’s sleep, what have you learned about yourself? Maybe the pace you were living before was unsustainable and exhausting. I hope you have discovered a deeper meaning in life itself – quiet solitude or just less pressure to keep busy.

You may have already done a health inventory and taken a good look at your strengths and challenges you have going on in your body. Remember, health is Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. Ideally, these facets of health would be balanced and attended to each day as we slow down and assess our life overall.

We are now in a time of renewal – Springtime is here! Your body is actually changing right now with warmer, longer days. You’ll notice you want different kinds of foods than you did last month. Our region is supplying the end of the citrus (Vitamin C), baby greens (cleansing chlorophyll) and we will soon be seeing dark cherries in season to give us natural melatonin and a strong antioxidant for our immune system. Food becomes our medicine in just the right season. Internally, the Liver is producing more bile as it sheds out the old, stagnant blood that got stored over the winter months.

Try this health exercise: As you delay going to the store or the farmers market where you would normally be influenced by what is being sold, give yourself one week to use your instincts around your food choices. Each day, ask yourself, what would seem like the instinctual thing to eat today? Listen deeply. You will start to notice that you naturally eat the right foods for this season. You may not want heavy meats and starches and opt for various greens, spring onions, carrots and highly colored veggies. At the end of all of this, you’ll want to come away with life learnings that you will always have to serve you. Using your instincts to eat will be a gift you will have as your personal guide the rest of your life, Try to develop this skill in these quiet days upon us to gain a deeper insight to yourself.

In terms of cleansing the body, consider doing a series of 3 Colonics when you feel ready to get back to normalcy. It a wonderful and powerful way to support your liver and clear the inside of the body at this perfect time for a Spring cleanse. It can help you reset and feel energized and light so that you can transition back to your new normal.

It is also the only true way to cellularly hydrate the body as we need hydration to have every process in the body work optimally.

The benefits of detoxification are ancient. I feel like we are all getting back to our humanity and taking care of ourselves has never been more important than now. It’s an incredible opportunity to finally heal and know radiant health. It must start with detoxification above anything else – even food.

If you have any digestive issues happening, seek support for your issues. In my experience, I have never seen digestive issues go away on their own, they just get worse if not addressed. I get it since I’ve had my own healing journey. I’m here to educate you and assist you in feeling whole and healed in your body.

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