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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Why you need to know your Pancreas.

If you have weight around the middle or have cellulite, chances are you may have metabolic resistance. This condition has to do with the function of a unique organ under the stomach called the Pancreas. It’s the only organ that is both an Endocrine Gland since it secretes a hormone (Insulin) and a Digestive Organ since it releases digestive enzymes into the Small Intestines to break down food into usable nutrients.

While I was on break last month, I was eating out with Family and staying at a home in which I did not have control of the food being served. I was having pastries for breakfast, snacks all day and a carb-heavy meals every night. What I noticed by day three was that I was having hypoglycemic episodes in which I would get shaky in the middle of the day. I would eat and I was still hungry (hormone signaling issue). I was foggy and out of it the rest of the week. When I got home I took a hard look at my diet to understand how this happened.

Here’s what I found and maybe you can relate.

I eat healthy, for the most part. Although, if I have to be honest, I’ve been carrying an extra 10lbs on my hips that I cannot exercise away. I have also had cellulite on the back of my legs in which no amount of drainage or brushing seems to affect.

I started researching Pancreas issues/Metabolic Syndrome and discovered my “healthy diet” has been sabotaging me for quite a long time now. Having been on a mostly vegetarian for 18 years, I have existed on starches and grains for a long time. All together with my avocado toast in the morning and my fruit smoothie for a snack and not eating until late evening has now made my body begin to rebel, making blood sugar issues now a part of my every day life.

Here’s how the Pancreas works.

The Pancreas has two functions, to release Insulin in the presence of Carbohydrates and to store Visceral (deep) fat on the body. It pads the organs first for preservation.

I’m not concerned with the weight issue, although unhealthy, I am concerned about the imbalance of my Pancreas and you should be too…Diabetes, Syndrome X and Metabolic Resistance are occurring at staggering rates.

The solution:

Take a look at your diet. It you have weight around the middle, mood swings from hunger, inconsistent eating habits and the Carbohydrate yo-yo through the day, create a consistent schedule of eating. Make sure you have the balance of Carbs, Proteins and Fats. Eat every three hours (fasting puts your body into preservation mode) and try to eat this way until it’s routine. Eat breakfast one hour after waking to fuel the body and keep stoking the fire with at least 4 cups or Veggies and 8oz of Protein with lots of greens anywhere you can get them into your day.

In the middle of my crisis, I was studying to become a weight-loss coach here in Santa Monica to add this skill to my practice and now I completely understand weight loss at the core – it’s the Pancreas! It’s science. I was originally taught it was Calories in and Calories out but it’s the FUNCTION of the body that will win every time over restriction of calories.

After over a month, I now have my blood sugar in balance and am not shaky when I haven’t eaten. I’ve lost 5 lbs. and more importantly, the cellulite, which was trapped visceral fat, is beginning to finally start to drain.

My whole knowing of nutrition has taken a left turn and while I understand how to eat healthy, I’m now putting it all together to focus on the health of my Pancreas so that I don’t become a Diabetic statistic.

Blessings on your journey.



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