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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Hi guys and welcome to the season of gluttony, travel, bellyaches and imbalance. While it’s also a time to celebrate with friends and family, it can really spin those of us who are sensitive feelers and healthy eaters.

So, what to do if you find yourself at a holiday party or at your family’s home that doesn’t have what you normally eat? Here’s a game plan to make the most of the holidays and survive those meals that would normally take you down and out.

First, whenever going to a party and you’re not sure of the food situation, consider eating before you go out so that you don’t nervously eat foods that will wreck your belly and will leave you in a food hangover. If you are obtaining from alcohol, you may want to bring your own bottled beverage in your purse (juice, health tonic, kombucha, etc.) that you can enjoy. After you arrive, pour your beverage in a wine glass. Nothing makes people more uncomfortable than if you tell them you’re not drinking. So, let’s accommodate them and take care of ourselves at the same time. You can even bring some snacks to have to munch on that you know are safe for you. Again, be discrete and don’t make it a big deal. It can get hairy if you’re pulled into a whole conversation about your eating habits.

Now, Family can be a bit more challenging. You may be staying in a family member’s home and they eat completely different than you do. While I’ve discovered that asking to send groceries to their home the day before arriving is helpful, inevitably, you’ll be somewhere that you must eat what is served. Here are some suggestions when you find yourself in that position…

  • Make sure you travel with some key supplements that will get you through these crazy holiday meals without suffering.

  • 2. Take HCL with any meal that has protein in it. Hydrochloric Acid capsules supplement the acid in the stomach where protein is broken down. During stressful times (AKA family dinners) the body will produce less HCL and the protein will not be fully metabolized and you’ll feel heavy and extended.

  • Do not drink water with your meal as it dilutes the HCL and makes digesting protein harder on the body. Drink sips 20 mins before or after meals.

  • TAKE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES! These are key – even in your normal day-to-day eating habits. These can be game changers if you get bloated/acid reflux/indigestion or gas after a meal. Broad-Spectrum Pancreatic Enzymes are key to unlocking nutrients in food in the small intestine. I sell ULTRA enzymes, which take food basically down to a liquid and go through your system easily and gently. I took almost an entire bottle over Thanksgiving. You can buy them here.

  • Another consideration is food combining. While I’m not always great with this myself. I do know to allow quite a bit of time between a main meal with heavy protein and a sugar-laden dessert. In a perfect world, we would eat dessert first because sweets go through the system much faster than more dense protein and starches.

  • Lastly, if you’re overly full and bloated, taking a capsule of activated charcoal will absorb the gas and then at least let you breathe while you finish digesting.

  • If all else fails, invite a love one to rub your little belly right to left in a circle to soothe the intestines while you lay on the couch.

So, there you have it, key supplements to have while you’re traveling.



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