Colon Hydrotherapy

It's time to feel great! Book a series of 3 colonics to see the full benefits of this healing modality. Your body & mind will thank you. 


Soul Coaching

Based on the spiritual principles that everything is happening to us for our Soul’s growth.

Bio-Lymphatic Drainage

A wonderful healing practice using a bio-electric wand to move stagnant lymph out of the body gently and effectively. You'll feel rejuvenated!


Ear Coning

Utilizes 100% Beeswax ear cones (not paraffin) to gently draw debris out of the ear canal.


Colonic Lymphatic Duo

Powerful and healing using both modalities together to get the most out of your session and onto feeling great and full of energy! 


Nutritional Consult

Combines a nutritional plan with a realistic game plan to get your health back on track.