Welcome to Holistic Wellness by Leah Joiner

If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, welcome to a whole new world of radiant health and self care.
Colonics are not new to the holistic community. Written about in 1500 AD, colon care through water irrigation was often times the first modality used when treating a patient with an imbalance in the body. Centuries later we are being pulled back to what is tried and true. Western medicine and the Western paradigm had its limitations while a wholistic viewpoint looks at all the body systems working synergistically together.

My specialty in this realm is working with open-minded,  conscious, truth-seekers ready to take personal  responsibility for their good health.  I especially like working with new clients because I know what a difference they will feel which is so rewarding for me.  I bring my skills of  phychotherapy, nutritional counseling, anatomy instruction and heart- centered guidance to each session to help my clients get in touch with their bodies,  find real solutions to health challenges and have their beauty and light reflected back to them. You can expect questions not only about your health,  but also about your life so that we are supporting the body as a whole. ..mind,  body and spirit.  I am passionate about what I do and I will be your cheerleader through your healing process.  I got my life back after being sick for many years and now I’m in service to give back.  I’m honored to hold space with you and allow a human connection. If you’re new you may feel nervous.  Of course that’s normal!  I am offering a path that may be unfamiliar to you.  Trust your intuition. ..it will always lead you down the right road for you.

Blessings and Welcome!

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