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PRODUCT INFORMATION -MegaSporeBioticTM is a foundational nutritional supplement that provides true probiotic benefits by supporting digestive and immune function*. -May promote normal bowel regularity* and promote healthy levels of bacterial flora*. -MEGA-dose, 100% spore formula probiotic. NO refrigeration is necessary. These guys are tough cookies designed by nature. -The only professional-only line of soil-based organisms commercially available (compare to Prescript-Assist). -Our ancestors had ample exposure to these probiotics, now virtually absent in our modern, sanitary lifestyles. -Contains the most researched strains of soil-based organisms in clinically-relevant intake levels. -Spore probiotics in Megasporebiotic do not need refrigeration & can handle temperature shifts in shipping due to their highly protective "spore" form. -The capsules can be opened and sprinkled directly on food or mixed in a drink as well.

Mega Spore Biotic

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