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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

It may seem that being nervous or having anxiety have nothing to do with the Intestines, but in fact, it all starts from a feeling deep in the gut. We have a nervous system here called the Enteric Nervous System and it’s something you should know about for your health. We tend to believe that being anxious comes from our mind, when it actually is coming from the neuron tissue lining the intestinal walls. The gut is lined with senses that move us into Parasympathetic (rest, digest and heal) or Sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze). The colon has all the neuropathways to dictate exactly how we will respond emotionally in any given day and it can rule our entire life. This nervous system is connected into the Adrenals, those wonderful little glands that sit on top of the kidneys in our lower back. These glands excrete two major hormones – Cortisol and Adrenaline, and they flood into the Enteric Nervous System of the gut and we get those “gut feelings” or for many a “gut ache.” This signaling travels up from the intestines via the Vagus Nerve and into the brain to create our experience of anxiety. Modern medicine treats anxiety issues as a brain or mental health disorder, when in fact, the actual feeling of nervousness lay deep below in the gut and subconscious. We interpret our feelings as threats or familiar groves of things that have happened in the past. The next time you feel nervous, check in to see if you can feel an ache in your lower intestines. Once you’ve isolated it, realize there is an aspect of you that needs comforting. Putting your hand to your heart and gently talking to the part of you that is going through the experience could be helpful in calming the overall nervous system, moving you in to Parasympathetic in order to make clearer decisions and feel connected and aligned within yourself. After comforting yourself, take 5 deep breaths. With each one shrug your shoulders up tightly and on the exhale release the tension quickly. Ground yourself by noticing what is in your surroundings and take mental note of colors and textures around you. The breathing tells your body you’re not being chased by the tiger anymore and that your blood can move back into your organs as the body recovers from the anxiety. Be proactive when working with anxiety and understand it’s not all in your head…it’s in your gut. How does this relate to Colon Hydrotherapy? This therapy physically moves the body into Parasympathetic in the gentlest way. When you leave after a session, notice you feeling more relaxed and open, it’s because the nervous system switched from the strain and stress of living into Parasympathetic Dominance. It’s great to have tools when you need it. The thing is…I get it. Modern living can take a toll. Help yourself find balance and understand how your health is truly mind, body and soul.
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