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Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Look at all the areas of your life – health, career, love, family, community, etc. Do you have everything your heart desires in these areas? What’s most important to you? What truly is THE THING that you want to bring into your life? Love, partnership, fulfilling career, weight, secret desire? ANYTHING, anything…can be manifested into your life.

I learned the power of Universal Intention when I was 27 years old. I needed alternative health treatments and because I had quit my job, I had no money. I got on my knees and brought my guides into my awareness. I instinctually asked for help in a way that was not desperate, but from a place of deep gratitude. I requested a thousand dollars to pay for the sessions I needed. Two days later I received a check in the mail for a thousand dollars from a relative. I knew I was onto something when I connected deeply with Universal Flow. It’s a feeling, not a thought.

From that point on, I began to study the Law of Attraction and Universal Vibrations and Frequencies. I had studied and understood these philosophies and in March 2011 I was ready to use this knowledge to bring in a strong and committed relationship into my life.

I created an entire program for myself using prayer, discipline and intuition, my guides giving me truths and direction into my life until I got a relationship that would change the course of my life. I was then brought another truth – you get what you need and sometimes aren’t ready for what you want. It’s a perfect system because it’s the frequency and not the mind in control. I began to study white and dark magic to converse with the other side and eventually would go through the hardest and most challenging relationship of my life…until… three years later, my next prayer would bring me the man of dreams.

I now understand everything at a cellular level. I’ve put together a Manifesting Program using all the tools I used to bring my perfect partner into my heart. Although you can use these tools for anything you’d like to bring into life.

Here’s the most important take away about manifesting: You are bringing in a feeling and frequency, not “the thing.” So, if seeking love, we program the frequency of joy and play instead of a partner, etc. This simple truth changes seeking from the mind and using our own energy and intention to create.
Imagine having all your needs met, the exact person for you, the feeling of being known, appreciated, adored and attended to each and every day, where nothing else in life matters except your happiness.
I created this in my life. I have everything I need and could possibly ever want. I manifested good health, my business, my partnership, my relationships, everything from the power of intention, meditation and creation.

I’m now ready to share this process with others. Join me in helping you fulfill your dreams! Let me teach you how to manifest and clear the way so you can have anything you desire in this lifetime.


I’m offering my program through my coaching sessions, giving you the inside information needed, so that you have everything you desire in whatever area of life that’s important to you. My specialty is manifesting the relationship of your dreams, but it can be anything you desire.
I’ve perfected all the ways Manifestation works so that I can help others because of my nature to be in service to others. It’s my destiny. It’s time to share it with you.
Let me know how to help you get you everything you need and want. Join me in a session of Soul Coaching where we explore this process and the truths around Universal flow. I’m so excited to finally pull all this together and bring it to you.

I’m here for you always,


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