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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Acid Reflux is not just uncomfortable with stomach acid coming up into the larnax, it’s a bigger issue with the entire GI system that needs attention and a game plan. Western Medicine tells us that Acid Reflux is having “too much acid in the stomach,” but it’s actually that the stomach doesn’t have enough acid. Stomach Acid is actually signaled from the brain when we smell, think or look at food. The brain signals the stomach to add Hydrochloric Acid and Pepsin into the organ in order to be ready for food to be broken down. The actual issue for this problem is HOW we are eating. Because most of us don’t sit down and ready ourselves for digestion, the gut isn’t ready to receive the food into the stomach. We are on the run and throw back whatever we can get into our hands to get through our day. Therefore, true digestion is not happening and it’s having most American’s suffering with Digestion issues, in particular, Acid reflux. How do we fix this issue?

- Acid Reflux needs to be addressed by lifestyle changes. Focusing on breathing, chewing and paying attention to the act of eating.
- Wain off all the acid blockers, reducers, etc. in order to bring back natural rhythm and balance to digestion.
- Buy holistic supplements: Full Spectrum Digestive Enzymes, HCL with Pepsin, Aloe Vera Leaf (Aloe will heal the stomach lining). Work with me to create an individual plan tailored to your unique needs.
- Create an idea of when you’ll eat during the day. (Consistency and continuity are key). At each meal, sit, take a breath and look at your food before eating. Try to eat without distractions from technology.
- Think positive thoughts, enjoy what you’re eating. (Eating with guilt will create indigestion).
- Take your Digestive Enzymes & HCL before a big or complicated meal. Start with this for 30-90 days before taking as needed. Taking them after a meal can work as well.
- Do not drink liquid with your meals. This dilutes your Hydrochloric Acid.
- Drink a little bit of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) throughout the day to balance the Ph in the stomach.
- Understand food combining and eat sweets before your big meal.
- Take it slow when eating so your body can digest easily.
- Consider creating an evening meal by candlelight or at least being in peace and quiet. It’s important not to be in Fight or Flight when eating. We must be in “Rest and Digest” so our body can work properly.
- Since the stomach is part of the entire GI Tract called the Alimentary track, Colonics will help heal the overall system.
- I’ll help you along the way. Don’t lose faith, healing takes time, but the body has an innate wisdom and will heal given the right tools. See you on the table and we’ll chat. Be well!


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