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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Being in the Holistic Health world for 25 years, I’ve seen trends in health come and go. One thing I am certain about is that the function of the body is more important than diet and exercise.
Whether you have emotional imbalances (yes, that’s gut related), hormonal dysfunction, bloating/gas, weight gain, fatigue, skin issues, aches/pains, etc., these must be solved by correcting the signaling and function of the entire body because they all work as an orchestra in the whole body. It starts in the gut.

I truly believe that gently detoxing the body and creating balance is the only way to start the process of deep healing. This is why I stepped into the lost art of the special modality of Colon Hydrotherapy. I’m here to help guide you in your health journey.

Facts and Myths about Colonics:

- Colon Hydrotherapy was created by the brilliant Egyptians and written about in the Papyrus Papers of 1500 BC. They understood that clearing the Liver and Bowels stimulates the immune system to respond in a profound way.
- While civilization has been using enemas for centuries, modern detoxification was made popular by Dr, John H. Kellogg (1852-1943), a famous doctor who ran a holistic detoxification center in Battle creek, MI. He cured thousands of ailments just using detoxification (mainly Colonics) which he ran with great success until he was 91 years old.
- American Hospitals used Colon Hydrotherapy for patients before major surgery until President Nixon approved hospitals to become “for-profit” in the HMO Act of 1973. Hospitals then removed anything that would not make them money. Colonic Instruments were removed, and therapists started their own practices outside hospitals.
- Europe has been using Colon Hydrotherapy for decades and it is a well-established method of healing, widely accepted and paid for in Countries with Socialized medicine.
- All cleansing diets/juice fasts in detox centers are accompanied by Colonics in order to maximize the detoxification benefits.
- A person carries 5-25 pounds of mucoidal plague in the intestines.
- It is not normal to feel bloated, gassy, constipated or have loose stools. It indicates a more serious health issue.
- Cleansing the Colon does not remove the good bacteria.
- Doing Colonics strengthens the Colon by exercising the muscle of the colon walls.
- The best way to cellularly hydrate the body is by taking water through the colon to be used throughout the body and flushed through the kidneys. Colon Hydrotherapy is extremely hydrating.
- Hormone and skin issues are a Liver issue, which is addressed by clearing the gut and releasing toxins from the Liver through the bowels.
- Weight is an issue of an imbalance in the body. Clear the gut and Liver to have the body naturally let go of weight/waste.
- The body is one big drainage system. It is helpful to open the lower drain of the bowels through - Colonics so that the body may function optimally.
- Fiber is not appropriate for everyone and can make a gut issue worse.
- Clearing the gut and then repopulating it with good microbes builds the immune system.

I hope this helps clear up any misconceptions about this detoxification practice. I’m here to answer any questions and give real examples of the dramatic changes I’ve seen in clients and myself.



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