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Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Sexual Health is an aspect of our overall health that should be part of our awareness when we look at the whole picture of radiant health.

I just finished a Podcast put out by the ladies at CLIT TALK, The Pleasure Positive Podcast geared to women that want to know more about pleasure for the female body. ( It’s amazing to talk about REAL female issues!

In my interview, episode, #185, “How the Gut Impacts our Pleasure,” I had the opportunity to explain how a satisfying sex life starts in the Liver and the gut. The health and function of the Liver determines the balance of our overall hormones, which establishes your Libido, or general desire for pleasure.

Along with the need to balance the hormones in the Liver, the cells and tissue of the body need deep, cellular hydration which comes from regular sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy, which allows the digestive system to absorb water to help make the cells “juicy.”

In fact, as both men and women age, we lose hormones that keep our libido high and our body lubricated. Colonics provide the opportunity for the body to gain moisture in the cells and tissue to balance hormones to get us “in the mood.”

I’ve helped thousands of women over the years regulate their hormones and help them normalize their cycles. Recently, I’m boldly asking questions about sexual health and the majority of both men and women are reporting that their libidos are low.

It’s my opinion that this is because of stress. When we are overworked and worried, we produce hormones that put us into “fight or flight” and our sex hormones take a back seat to our life issues. This is a problem when we look at sexual satisfaction.

Give a listen to the Podcast, let me know what you think and then let’s have an honest conversation about your sexual health and how Colonics can help you “get your groove back.”


- Colonics Help hydrate the tissues and cells
- Colonics rid the Liver of built-up toxins and used hormones
- The Liver health is the source of our Libido
- A session can move the body into a Parasympathetic State of relaxation
- PMS is not normal and tender breasts means there is stuck Estrogen in the tissue
- Sexual hormone balance creates overall health!


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