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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Now that Spring is officially here, your body will naturally shift into cleansing mode. Cool, right? The body knows just what to do to clean the Liver/Gallbladder, Lymph System and the bowels. You’ll start to notice that you will not want Winter foods like Squash, potatoes, dense meats and heavy fats. You will start purchasing bitter greens, citrus fruits, berries and light greens. It’s a time to refresh and renew. This time allows the body to let go of inflammation, bloat and weight from dark, cold days behind us.

How are our hormones affected by the change of seasons? It gets interesting at this time of year, especially for women. The change that occurs in the spring is directly related to the health of our hormone balance. If everything is in check and working correctly, your bleeding every month without PMS or painful cramping.

If you tend to cramp a lot during your period, your body may be desperately trying to get rid of high estrogen through the uterine blood. Normally, Estrogen is released through the Liver in the form of Bile and excreted by the Colon. This is precisely why Colon Hydrotherapy helps with Hormone balance. If the Liver Bile ducts are not excreting and balancing hormones, there will be a back up in the blood and you may experience extreme hormonal symptoms pointing to issues stemming from the Liver. If you are constipated – the Bile is not flowing from the Liver and this is the root cause of all potential disease. You must be empting your bowels everyday so that the body is detoxifying naturally to have health in the body.

I often see hormone issues in the form of PMS, infertility, heavy periods, irregular periods, IUD/Pill issues, not menstruating or lack of connection with our cycle. These issues must be addressed through detoxification. Only through this process can the body open the channels to flow hormonal waste from the cells, blood and tissue to be released. The body is a machine and must detoxification is from internal waste as opposed to what we are eating.

Also, we must understand how our hormones become imbalanced.

Continual or acute stress will surge the rise of estrogen and may cause the body to stop bleeding or create uncomfortable symptoms. I am seeing a significant rise in young women. I believe these young women have such stressful jobs that the cortisol is disrupting their cycle. We must be in rhythm to be healthy.

If are out of hormonal balance ladies, consider doing 3 colonics to purge the Liver of backed up Estrogen and get you feeling no systems when your monthly cycle comes around. I get so excited to see changes in my female clients when they dedicate some time to heal their cycle. We must have the endocrine system in balance in order to be healthy. I’m obsessed with women to feel as good as we can and it starts with those cute hormones in us!

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