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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

I’ve spent the last 20 years agreeing with the modern notion that nutrition would be our saving grace in our country’s declining health. I would hear myself say to others, “If we could just eat more greens, more super foods, better supplements…we could help turn the tide of diabetes and cure the obesity epidemic!”

I had convinced myself that food or other “healthy substances” would be the answer to our health issues. While I, of course, agree that nutrition can play a significant role in our overall health, the last 22 years of clinical practice has shown me an even more important lesson in the world of Holistic Healing and that is the impact on our health of how we speak to ourselves.

Through the years, I have seen thousands of clients and taught them about greens, enzymes, cleansing and probiotics, all of which are valid and appropriate topics from me, a Colon Hydrotherapist. It is my job to educate and assist my clients' bodies to find balance and rhythm.

Yet, as I look back at all my years of experience, the main take away I have seen in health is when my clients cultivate a loving reflection of self compassion and self forgiveness. I’ve seen them get physically better more quickly than a client who has unresolved internal issues.

I naturally and authentically celebrate and encourage personal growth. My clients feel heard and appreciated and this human experience has much more impact on the human body that kale could ever have for our health. I’ve had the great privilege of building personal and sacred relationships with my clients on trust and care. Those that self explore create dramatic shifts in their health to gain radiance- “the glow.” They bring up and out the thoughts and feelings needing to be processed. I have a genuine interest from my heart and often share my life lessons as well as I have learned much through life’s darkness. In other words, we are all having a spiritual life in human form. I tend to fall I love with vulnerability, the willingness to speak the truth, the responsibility to life. It is truly inspiring. I often reflect back to my client’s their humanness. When someone is met where they are – even in a state of distress, the guilt subsides, they relax, allowing self-love and self-connection back into their body as it moves to a Para-sympathetic state – a state of healing.

What I am concluding in my work is that the positive parenting from me is the best response I can give to help the healing begin. This seems to have a greater impact than when they eat “perfectly”. No amount of kale will help someone if they are miserable in life. When a human genuinely and boldly expresses shame, guilt, anger, regret, etc., the body responses with an energetic shift of letting go. I can feel it in my treatment room. It’s what “being present” feels like – a realm of beauty and truth that is magical. So, while it's simple to clear gut-related conditions through colonics, it’s more important to find someone you trust to bear witness to your emotional issues along with the physical symptoms. Both are interrelated. You’ll eventually find the balance, inspiration and peace you are looking for in your day-to-day life. Homework… Declare who you are today with 3 adjectives and say these to yourself throughout your day. Here are mine: I am Courageous I am Confident I am Peaceful I’m enjoying living in to these everyday. Use yours to shift how you think of yourself and have fun discovering how amazing you truly are!

If you want to dive deeper into learning about self-worth and self-value, book a Soul Coaching session with me. We can work through any tough topics to find light on the other side. Click here to book.



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