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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Native Americans followed a cleansing schedule of 4 times a year in correlation with the seasons. They would take herbs, do purgatives and sweat out impurities. We need to be doing the same.

Now that we have entered into the Fall Equinox, the body is beginning to physically change and we need to be aware and conscious of what the body needs at this time to be optimal.

The word “equinox” comes from the Latin aequus, meaning, “equal” and nox, meaning, “night.” On the day of the Equinox, day and night are equal in time. A big shift from the long nights of summer. In the Fall, the sun rises later and the nightfall comes sooner and will peak at the December Solstice when we officially move into the Winter Months.

With all the Celestial changes upon us, the body is letting go of high water foods from the summer and moving into the Fall harvest of hearty vegetables and the desire for more grounding food to prepare for the cooler months ahead.

The Fall can be deceiving here in Southern California and we are met with the warm Santa Ana winds and with it will come the cool nights behind it. Therefore the hormones in the body can be slightly off as the body prepares for cool days but we find ourselves in warm weather.

To help balance the body and give it what it needs, consider do a session of Colon Hydrotherapy or a combination of Lymphatic and Colon Hydrotherapy for the needed hydration of the strong winds and the clearing of the Liver for Hormonal balance.

Use your intuition in these shoulder seasons. Look at what you are not desiring to eat – cooling salads, Acai Bowls, fruit and recognize you’re starting to crave Persimmons, squashes and potatoes. It’s all to have you eating the nutrients you will need for your immune system for the “harsh” winter.

Many foods available in the Fall correlate with the chakra system or body part that needs strengthening.

Yellow squash and bananas are good for the second chakra (sexuality) and look like the Pancreas Organ that it helps heal.

Persimmons, figs and yellow peppers and tomatoes help build hormonal balance and are produced by the earth at this time.

Go to the Farmer’s Market and look for the stalls that all have similar produce and get those vegetables at this time to balance the body from the extreme heat of the summer. It will help you get ready for your year ahead.

A colonic will reset your microbiome and clear any microbes of travel and less than perfect eating over the last three months.

Let it all go with a quick pick-me-up of a session and feel balanced and restored as you move into your busy year ahead.

This time of year is all about preparation. Getting ready for long, dark nights. But you body in a place of good health and maintenance.

I’ll be doing the same. I want to be ready when I travel over the holiday and things get really hectic. But for now, quiet, contemplative self care is the way to help yourself feel your best and have good, overall health.

See you all very soon!

Remember, I work Sunday’s on the weekend if weekdays are tough. You can book here.



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