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Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When a new client comes into my office, I need to quickly asses the physical, mental and emotional state the person is experiencing. I can read energy quickly and feel into how open the person is as I speak to them. I need to bring my energy field into their vibration and make them feel trust and security. I actually love this experience and look forward to bonding, as I invite them to become vulnerable and coachable in an unnerving process of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Along with reading energy and their emotional state, I then asses their physical issues. If their face is puffy, they are most likely bloated and not draining fluid well. If they have weight under the chin, back of the arms or on the bra line, hormone congestion could be occurring. If they are tired and lethargic, they may have been feeling poorly for many months and the body is tired of being out of balance. There are many potential issues that could be at play and a good therapist will be able to assess the state and constitution of a client in a matter of minutes.

One tool that I use often is the art of Chinese Facial Diagnosing. I am not a doctor and not “diagnosing” clients but in this observation, it is possible to gain information based on visual clues exhibited in the human face. First, the TONE of the skin can show overall blood flow to the small capillaries in the skin of the face. A sallow face can look drained and depleted, showing lack of nutrients or a strong “CHI” circulating throughout the entire body. Next, I look at the eyes of the person in front of me. Having studied Iridology (the study of eye mapping) I can clearly get an overall picture of what is being experienced within their body. Broken capillaries can indicate heart health and yellowing can show Liver congestion. Cloudy eyes can indicate stagnation and imbalance.

Overall, wrinkles and breakouts will indicate where in the body there are health issues. The most common skin condition I see in my practice is women with small pimples around the mouth. This, of course, indicates endocrine or hormone issues and can be easily fixed by addressing the Liver. I also see women with breakouts or rashes along the jawline. This can be lymph stagnation in the face or even PCOS, where Progesterone is imbalanced.

The skin’s luster has to do with lipids in the body. If you have sufficient essential fats, the skin will be dewy and radiant. This luminesces is the goal in our overall energy field to show that our insides are balanced and healthy.

Another common issue I look for is the quality of the delicate skin underneath the eyes. This area represents Kidney/Adrenal health. Most of my clients have dark circles showing depletion and dehydration. Kidneys and Adrenals are treated as one organ and can show how stress is depriving the body of precious life force.

The Skin is the last organ that gets resources. So, paleness can mean the digestive system is not giving the skin enough nutrients.

Skin tags under the eyes can indicate Kidney stones. Puffy under eyes can also show dehydration but with fluid retention present. Drainage would be the goal in this situation. In looking at the face map, you can see how your personal health issue can be shown to you in the mirror. It’s mother nature’s way of helping us heal ourselves!

In my experience, all health issues – whatever the situation, can be addressed by gentle detoxification. Hydration through colon hydrotherapy, clearing the overworked Liver through the Intestines and flushing he Kidneys with internal fluid can reset the human body and begin to physically express your true health, beauty and radiant health

I hope this helps you understand that keeping your insides happy and healthy can give you the glow and radiance you are seeking. I’m here to help. Book a session and we can dive deeper into any current health issue you may be experiencing.



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