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Become an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist through my Wholistic Wellness Learning Institute:

If you're looking for a career change that is wonderful and rewarding, consider learning the ancient modality of Colon Hydrotherapy...clearing the body with gentle, cool, clean water. 


I can assist you in becoming an I-ACT, Certified practitioner within a matter of months. I have 27 years of healing experience and 17 years running a successful business in Los Angeles, CA.


I can teach you tried and true methods of this incredibly impacting service.


My classes are tailored to each unique student. You will receive specific and individualized instruction so you feel confident working with grateful and loving clients.


Let's have a conversation so I can get to know you and what your needs are to get started.


I tailor all my programs for your specific situation and if you will be needing employment at the end of your program.


Please feel free to Call, Text or Email me your questions and I will send you an application with the information you need to get started. 

I love what I do and enjoy sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with other bright and curious souls who seek this work. It is rewarding to provide a service with this holistic modality, steeped in history. We must help forward the conversation of clearing the gut for better health and I can't wait to share all that with you!

My classes run year round and can start anytime you are ready to commit.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Leah Joiner

Wholistic Wellness


3989 S. Centinela Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90066

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