We all strive for good health – we eat well, exercise and practice self care. But what if we are doing all we know how to do and we still have health issues? Even minor symptoms: bloating, constipation, skin issues, hormonal issues, autoimmune, inflammation…? This is keeping our body out of balance, we are frustrated and distracted from our life’s purpose. Most of us are familiar with cleansing and detoxing, yet, we are now needing health beyond just eating well, we need holistic remedies and treatments to bridge the gap between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

It’s okay to reach out for help and connect with someone who has a passion for holistic wellness and a deep desire to help you feel better – I’m right here for you!

Having gone through my own health crisis over 20 years ago, I’ve learned that the gut is the center, the foundation of good health. In modern medicine, we seek to balance symptoms, in holistic wellness, we start at creating health at the core, healing the digestive system to assimilate, eliminate to optimize our delicate immune system. How do we do this? We start by doing a colonic to gently clear the digestive system with warm, soothing water. We find out what is the underlying reason driving your health condition, we make a plan to bring down the inflammation and help get your health into effortless balance. This is a gift for yourself and your life.

Almost everyone is a candidate for Colon Hydrotherapy. We live in a world with an immense amount of stress and irregular schedules. It’s not about having the perfect meal plan or the perfect exercise regimen, It’s having the proper modalities in place that support this busy life we all have!

Feel free to give me a call at 310.403.0304 or email me at leah@leahjoiner.com and see if Colon Hydrotherapy would be helpful in assisting you on your path to good health.

It’s time to make that investment in your health since you don’t have one day to waste not feeling awesome!


                                               “Health is not an expense, it’s an Investment.”