Leah Joiner offers an array of services to help you begin and continue your journey to healthy, vibrant living. See below for the services offered or book an appointment online.



Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy involves the gentle cleansing of the large intestines of the digestive system.

Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage

Bio-Electric Lymphatic Drainage is similar to manual lymphatic massage but 10 times more powerful.

Colonic/Lymphatic Drainage

Combined Treatment: Colonic with Lymphatic Drainage. It is the absolute perfect way to get the body cleansing!

Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching is based on the spiritual principles that everything is happening to us for our Soul’s growth.

Ear Coning

Ear Coning Sessions utilize 100% Beeswax ear cones (not paraffin) to gently draw debris out of the ear canal.

3 Week Detox

Customized Detox Plan. Forget books, DVDs or Manuals, with this program you will get your very own chef & coach.

1 Day Revamp & Co-Op Tour

Kitchen & Health Food Store Tour. This combined session gets you off to the right start wherever you are in…