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I have had stomach problems my entire life, suffering for weeks at a time from constant and horrible pain.  My problems got in the way of my everyday routine, to the point where I couldn’t sleep or even walk down my stairs without tearing up.  Doctors at Kaiser kept insisting I had gastritis and acid problems and pumped me with medications and antibiotics, increasing the dosage every time.  Blood tests and other exams showed nothing.  I had a gut feeling that I was allergic to gluten, or some type of wheat allergy.  Again, my doctors kept insisting that my pain would go away with time.  When I was 14, I was put on medication given to cancer patients to prevent them from throwing up.  I remember my mom crying because she was so upset that her baby girl was going through all of these problems and she couldn’t do anything about it.  I would miss school, auditions, family functions, and have problems on vacations.  To add to all of this, I was on Jenny Craig for 8 months to lose weight, and by the last few months, was getting even more sick.  I researched J.C., and found there have been lawsuits and problems with people having to remove their gall bladders in emergency surgery because of how horrible that food is. I was always tired, never feeling 100% myself and have always had some weight problem.  To say it in simplest form, I felt toxic inside.

I had heard about colonics and colon hydrotherapy for a few months, and definitely thought it would help me and get rid of all the junk in my body.  However, I kept waiting and waiting for that perfect place to pop up.  I went on sites like groupon, livingsocial, and so on, but never really had a connection with a place.

One day, on lifebooker, I saw the Oasis Healing Center, and said, “This is where I’m going.”

I’ve already had two colon hydrotherapy sessions with Leah and am going back in tomorrow for another one.

Lead has completely changed my life.  Almost immediately into the session, after talking with me and making me comfortable, she said I have a gluten allergy, celiac disease.  While feeling a little sad that I might have to deal with this for many years to come, I felt so happy and excited that someone finally figured out what was wrong with me.  And I had a feeling that I was allergic to gluten all along!  Thank you, Kaiser……

My mom is now a patient of Leah’s, and my aunt is going to start going to her (who is a cancer survivor and also pumped full of steroids and medicine).  My mom and I are recommending her to everyone we know because she literally is saving my life.  Lead shared so much with me about how to help my body the natural way, which I prefer, and she never pushes anything on you.  She tells you what you need and the steps to take for recovery.

Last session, Leah found gallstones in my waste.  What a scare I had, and again, my suspicions were correct.  I think about how in a few months, I could have ended up in the emergency room and being told I’m going to be cut into and have an organ pulled out.  I’m 23 years old, way too young to have had these problems my whole life.  My first session with her, I started crying from being so done with all of the pain but so happy that I literally am cleaning out my body.  I have never felt better or more healthy in my entire life as I have in the past 3 weeks.

Leah is my family’s angel, and I thank God and my lucky stars everyday that we have connected.  She is so kind, intuitive, and an amazing woman.

Thank you so much Leah.

I haven’t been worried about how much the sessions are, which I think are around $100.  I have spent so much time and MONEY on doctors, exams, Jenny Craig (which made me more sick), and everything else that I look at this as investments in my body and health.  Your health is your wealth, and I will be going to Lead for many years to come.

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