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Where Does the Immune System Start? And Other insights on Health…

How it all begins…

You know when people say we, as humans, came from the Sea? Well, if you think about it, it’s true…we spend 9 months in-utero living in sacred plasma, immersed in protective water, gaining nutrients directly into our intestines by our Mother. This plasma is created by the Mother’s body, therefore that “Sea” is only as nutrient-dense as the Mother’s diet is. As the Fetus grows in this milieu, it may need nutrients that it’s not getting and the fetus will automatically pull these nutrients out of storage from the Mother ‘s cells leaving Mom to feel “depleted” or “tired” during her pregnancy. This can be very prevalent when the baby’s Adrenal Glands are being formed. Also, if a Mother’s body is overly toxic while growing a fetus, the body will create “morning sickness” to rid itself of heavy metals and pollutants to be brought up in the morning. After the Liver cleanses from 10pm-2am nightly. The wisdom of the human body is remarkable! Read More

Tired of Being Tired? Getting Your Sleep on Track

Living in a world full of stimulation…it’s time to address the importance of sleeping well…

You may eat well, exercise and have a full and enjoyable life but without proper sleep, your body will show signs of weakness in the form of sickness, low immune function, hormone imbalances and, well…a general feeling of being cranky and tired.

Before reaching for an over-the-counter or a prescription remedy, let’s look at what’s really going on that may be affecting your sleep pattern.

In holistic terms, the body will never go against you – ever – it is always seeking balance, rhythm and health. So sleeping issues are a truly modern problem and one that should be addressed if you are not sleeping at night. Read More

Acknowledgements in Rainbeau Mars new book!

Thanks for the personal acknowledgement Rainbeau!

You’re sharing the importance of Colonics and Detoxing, a beautiful thing!

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